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Riverside Dinner Theater Phantom

By • Aug 29th, 2012 • Category: Reviews

The staff, the ensemble, the leading actor and production team at the Riverside Center Dinner will guarantee you have not only a wonderful experience dining, but a living memory of absolute brilliance.

Scena Theatre Mein Kampf – Eine Komodie

By • Aug 1st, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews

With an amazing amount of detail, great comedic choreography, fantastic cast, and a brilliant use of props, light and sound, Mein Kampf is an experience you will never forget.

Artists’ Initiative Sweet Painted Lady

By • Aug 1st, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side? You better be, buy the ticket take the ride.

The Comedy Academy He HEE! or “What It’s Not Glee?”

By • Jul 30th, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews

If it were not for the script’s ridiculous amount of swearing, the show would have had a lot more value.

Jesus le MOMO

By • Jul 29th, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews

Le MOMO makes you think, above anything else about the philosophical inquiries of this twisted dark comedy.

Leanne Linsky Lady Luck is a Whore

By • Jul 24th, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews

In this quirky show Leanne Linsky tries to give us a glimpse of what it is like to be inside her satirical mind.

LaGoDi Productions LapBand Texas

By • Jul 21st, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews

A LaGoDi Production of LapBand Texas is a country style comedy-drama with a twist or better yet… carbs.

Dylan Fresco Domino’s Pizza Saved My Life

By • Jul 21st, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews

Dylan takes us on a nostalgic and thought-provoking trip down memory lane, exploring his grandfather’s past and his life decisions, to the current events of his life.

Red Knight Productions Medieval Story Land

By • Jul 19th, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews

With great puns, hilarious comedy, and fantastic timing, I couldn’t possibly recommend this show more.

Clown Cabaret Delusions of Grandeur

By • Jul 18th, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews

What if The Three Stooges had a metaphorical mental breakdown and decided to go back to the classics and do Shakespeare?