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The Comedy Academy He HEE! or “What It’s Not Glee?”

By • Jul 30th, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews
He HEE! or “What It’s Not Glee?”
The Comedy Academy, Inc.
Studio Theatre – Milton Theatre (1501 14th St NW DC)
Through July 27th
70 minutes
Reviewed July 25th, 2012

Did you enjoy those parody movies like Airplane? Then add a lot of salty language and you have pretty much the same thing. The Comedy Academy, Inc.’s production of HeHEE! by Harry M. Bagdasian & Liam Brennan tells the story of a young group of mal-behaved teenagers. Through hard work and comedy, alongside their appointed instructor Hyrum Sniker (Jeffrey Rosen), this group of unfits will learn the meaning of unity and… “down with the man.”

The show is basically a parody of “The Breakfast Club” in the world of “Glee.” There might be something wrong with the age appropriate rating on the Capital Fringe website; because, this show has been rated 13 & up yet the performance included heavy use of “inappropriate language.” Not to mention the theme of the story and its way of unfolding seemed targeted towards an older audience. There are suggestive themes and some high brow bureaucratic humor. The costumes and props designed by Tish Hall do however, set the tone for the show by giving you an insight of each character’s persona.

Light and sound fit the overall flow of the show. Although the transitions were a bit rough the show flowed in a steady pace. There were moments during the performance that the show lost its flow by introducing loose or forced plot points into the story. Overall this hurt the flow of the progression of the story.

The cast definitely has that “awkward” vibe that you would imagine a group of teenage misfits would have, even the ensemble of “grown-ups” have their own “awkward” persona. The whole cast has great chemistry on stage, no doubt everyone portrays their character with conviction. If it were not for the script’s ridiculous amount of swearing, I mean it’s like Tarantino had two or three words to throw down onto this, the show would have had a lot more value.

Production Team

  • Director: Harry M. Bagdasian
  • Assistants to the Director: Liam Brennan and Josh Rosen
  • Costumes & Props: Tish Hall
  • Tech Director/Lighting Designer: James P. Mulhern III
  • Light Board Operator: Lily Whitman
  • Sound Operator: Sean McConnell


  • Miriam Finley
  • Conor Brennan
  • Peter Walderhaug
  • Maura Russel
  • Liam Brennan
  • Anne Chernikoff
  • Erica Shortall
  • Jeffrey Hacker
  • Austen Villemez
  • Sara Mozersky
  • Jeffrey Rosen

Disclaimer: Capital Fringe provided one complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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