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Signature Theatre Cloak and Dagger

By • Jun 17th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

Up for something with amusement, silliness, and banter propelled by a lively score and excellent voices? Then head off to Cloak and Dagger at Signature Theatre.

Scena Theatre Happy Days

By • Jun 17th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

“So little to say, so little to do, and the fear so great,” says the character Winnie. Yet she finds a way to go on looking ever forward to other Happy Days.

Victorian Lyric Opera Company The Pirates of Penzance

By • Jun 16th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

The current Victorian Lyric Opera Company (VLOC) production in Rockville is a very lively effort both the musical and staging aspects of which succeed delightfully.

Studio Theatre Grounded

By • Jun 16th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

Grounded is an issue-raising script and performance that doesn’t shrivel away from tough matters.

Shakespeare Theatre Company Private Lives

By • Jun 12th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

The play is light-hearted; you’ll likely find yourself laughing at almost every line, especially in a production as on target as this one.

American Century Theater Judgment at Nuremberg

By • Jun 6th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

This is a play to see not only as well-produced and acted theater, but as a springboard for thought and discussion about matters that have a great deal of contemporary resonance.

Faction of Fools Titus Andronicus

By • Jun 5th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

Faction of Fools turns a problematic script into a stylistic and darkly funny triumph. Far be it from a critic to skewer the company’s efforts.

Faction of Fools Titus Andronicus

By • Jun 4th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

Adapted and staged by Matthew R. Wilson, the Faction of Fools has respected the play’s grisly bones but added a veneer of comic touches to coat the bones and make them a bit more palatable.

Theater J Freud’s Last Session

By • May 30th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

The 80-minute play features just two actors and one set; the parquet wood-floored study of Freud, adorned with a carefully arranged bookshelf, floor to ceiling drapes, and an examination couch — which becomes an object of jest throughout.

Studio Theatre Cock

By • May 22nd, 2014 • Category: Reviews

Cock is an accomplished trek into a well-groomed performance and culturally loaded play that is worth an audience’s attention.