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Actors Repertory Theatre Madwoman in the Attic: Evening of Shorts

By • Jul 15th, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews
Madwoman in the Attic: Evening of Shorts
Actors Repertory Theatre
Studio Theatre – Milton Theatre (1501 14th St NW DC)
Through July 22nd
75 minutes
Reviewed July 13th, 2012

A Madwoman in the Attic: Evening of Shorts features a compilation of short stories written by Playwright Theresa Rebeck creator and executive producer of NBC’s new hour-long musical drama “Smash.” Director Aniko Olah through the great usage of minimal props and scene changes takes us into small snippets of the world inside Therese Rebeck’s characters. On stage you can see her words and ray of comedic emotions come to life through the amazingly talented cast. Even though the scenes are short, they evoke powerful emotions that will make you feel like you are right there with them experiencing them. The cast is absolutely fantastic, they play various roles throughout the entire show, and each of the actors show a wide range of emotions that make you instantly connect to the story they’re telling. With a mature comedic theme, drama never falls short of snappy comebacks or smart-alecky comments that will make you feel like “I could have said that.” The show is very well put together and the transitions between scenes flow like clockwork without once making you lose interest, capturing you in its fantastic ray of “everyday” memories and that feeling of real life relationships.

A Madwoman in the Attic: Evening of Shorts is being featured as a one of many great shows in the Capital Fringe Festival in DC, now playing from July 17th, 19th, 21st and 22nd.

Production Crew

  • Director: Aniko Olah
  • Costumes/Props: Lynn Ritland
  • Stage Manager: Tre Wheeler


  • Ricardo Frederick Evans
  • Leigh Anna Fry
  • G. Michael Harris
  • Joseph Michael Jones
  • Samantha Merrick
  • Carol Spring
  • Nancy Viemeister

Disclaimer: Capital Fringe provided one complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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