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Robinson Secondary School Summer Brave

By • Nov 22nd, 2010 • Category: Cappies

When you find the prettiest girl in the whole town and her ideal boyfriend, add a roughly mysterious, bad boy to their conventional life, and add a picnic in a small town, it makes for an unusual summer day. Robinson Secondary School jumps into the 1950’s and brings its audience to a small town in Kansas with its production of Summer Brave written by William Inge. The show was originally called Picnic and opened on Broadway in 1953. Inge rewrote the play and renamed it Summer Brave which then opened on Broadway in 1975, two years after his death.

Madge Owens (Christy Fischer) has a beauty that attracts many men to her front door. Her uniquely moody sister, Millie (Hannah Bunting) is boyish and quite the opposite of her sister. Madge’s boyfriend, Alan Seymour (Jason Rath), is the perfect compliment for Madge. The girls’ mother, Flo Owens (Caitlin Viccora) worries about the fate of her two very different daughters. One hot summer day, the rough and tough Hal Carter (Kyle Lynch) comes to visit Alan, looking for a job, and he soon becomes the center of attention for the ladies.

Christy Fischer as Madge Owens flittered about the stage in new dresses and held the confidence of her character with much dedication. Hannah Bunting was able to characterize the introverted nature of her character with an extra kick in her step. From her behavior as a timid misfit, to her emotional reveal of affection toward Alan, Bunting’s interpretation of the divergent sister proved very believable.

Mrs. Potts — the adorable neighbor with a bubbly personality and love of baking cakes — was welcomed to the stage with various laughs. Hannah Sikora as Mrs. Potts, kindled a very cheery voice throughout the show that added to her bouncy walk, dramatic gestures and animated expressions. Her comedic looks at the audience and loving stares at the beautiful Hal Carter continually kept the audience laughing.

Fabiolla Brennecke’s characterization of Rosemary Sidney was consistent and thoughtful. Her articulate voice carried a strong accent that maintained its authenticity. Kyle Lynch also nurtured a heavy accent that suited his character Hal Carter. His calm, yet masculine nature guided him across the stage with as much conviction as the black boots he wore.

On the stage stood the massive construction of a two-story house with a quaint porch. The lighting delicately displayed the sun and its movement throughout the day, which marked the start of each of the three acts.

While some of the faces were occasionally blocked by the set, and the lighting was sometimes a bit too dim, the Robinson cast brought Summer Brave to life with colorful, vibrant energy. The cast reminded everyone that a person’s perfect match cannot be pre-determined by appearances or social expectations and that when it comes to seeking your ideal mate, “it can be a disadvantage to be in love.”

by Caroline Burr of Flint Hill School

Photo Gallery

Kyle Lynch (Hal) and Jason Rath (Alan) Hannah Bunting (Millie) and Catilin Viccora (Flo)
Kyle Lynch (Hal) and Jason Rath (Alan)
Hannah Bunting (Millie) and Catilin Viccora (Flo)

Photos by Robinson Secondary School.

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