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No Small Parts Equilibrium

By • Jul 12th, 2010 • Category: Fringe, Reviews
No Small Parts
Busboys and Poets – Cullen Room
Through July 11th
60 minutes
Reviewed July 8, 2010

The Official Description: Two be. Or not. Love in the balance. This couples primer explores: first-date policies; avoiding the “shallows;” language for flirting and parting (it’s the same!); exploiting your tear ducts; even, real estate and “green” living. Theatre Lab Honors Alumni.

What You’ll Like: Each scene was around ten minutes long, and was well performed. Since no scene was part of a larger whole, if you didn’t enjoy a scene, it would be over shortly. Insurance had a cute twist at the end. The actors in Cry on Cue showed a real emotional connection, despite the surprise at the end. The gimmick of Palindrome Love was running two scenes with the same script, once forwards, and once reversed. The scene was well performed, with a nice shift in emotions as the character’s relationship changed. A Walk in the Ocean could have had a very cynical ending if you were expecting Bill to drop Karen off the continental shelf, but instead was sweet without being saccharine. The situation in The Greener Lot was instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever bought a house.

What You Won’t: That this production has already concluded its Fringe run.

Overall: A nicely performed set of original scenes.


  • Jenn, The Greener Lot: Echika U. Agugua
  • Ava, Palindrome Love: Sara Bickler
  • Karen, A Walk in the Ocean: Elizabeth Heir
  • Bill, A Walk in the Ocean: Carl Brandt Long
  • Adam, Cry on Cue; John, The Greener Lot: Mark Ludwick
  • Richard, Insurance: Pat Martin
  • Realtor, The Greener Lot: Nia Medina
  • Katherine, Insurance: Adele Robey
  • Liz, Cry on Cue: Amal Saade
  • Bob, Palindrome Love: John Stange


  • Stage Manager/AD: Jay Chiang
  • Director: Dave Crowley
  • Asst Stage Manager: Angie Jemison
  • Light and Sound Operator: Nathan Lilianthal

Disclaimer: Capital Fringe provided a complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review. And I have worked with several of the actors of this show before, but I didn’t know they were involved until I read the playbill before the show.

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