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Slash Coleman Chaidentity

By • Jul 12th, 2010 • Category: Fringe, Reviews
Slash Coleman
Goethe Mainstage
Through July 20th
60 minutes
Reviewed July 8, 2010

The Official Description: ‘Chai’ = ‘Life’ in Hebrew. Based on his award-winning PBS special, Slash Coleman, the son of a Holocaust survivor, creates a profound and engaging storytelling experience that reaches to the core of Jewish Identity & Jewish Life.

What You’ll Like: His stories of growing up Jewish, and learning how to identify himself. I’ve never heard of what Jewish families went through when they first arrived in the United States in the 1940s, and those stories were very well told. And indeed, I would welcome the opportunity to hear more stories of that time.

What You Won’t: Most of the Hebrew jokes and quotes got no reaction at all from the audience. Even his “definition” of yarmulke got a confused reaction from the audience. I don’t think we were sure if we were allowed to laugh or not. Some of the transitions between stories were awkward. It seems like some stories ended too abruptly, or he wasn’t sure exactly how to end the story. Coleman’s guitar playing felt like an unecessary add-on.

Overall: I enjoyed the stories. Coleman’s delivery seemed a bit off, which may have been opening night jitters. But more people should hear about these experiences.

Disclaimer: Capital Fringe provided a complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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