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South County High School Anything Goes

By • May 19th, 2010 • Category: Cappies

Gather you scallywags, sinners and sailors! Get your sea legs and set sail on an adventure across the Atlantic Ocean where you’ll meet an ex-evangelist turned night club singer, crooks that wouldn’t hurt a flea, and a few angels who aren’t afraid to take a little shortcut or two in order to get to heaven! So say bon voyage and climb aboard because “Anything Goes!”

A musical farce, Anything Goes, follows Billy Crocker (Nikko Custudio), a young assistant to a Wall Street broker, who stows away on a cruise ship to stop his love, Hope Harcourt (Emily Sargeant) from marrying the wealthy gentleman, Sir Evelyn Oakley (Blake Albertson). But with help from Crocker’s friends, night club singer Reno Sweeney (Ally Barrale), Public Enemy #13 Moonface Martin (Flash Trumbetic) and his sidekick Bonnie (Lindsay Dillard), Billy may just find his de-lovely ending after all.

Anything Goes features an original script by Guy Bolton and P.J. Wodehouse with revisions by Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse, a libretto by Cole Porter and originally starred Ethel Merman. Since its debut in 1934, Anything Goes, has enjoyed revivals, revisions and adaptations in America and London and is also a popular regional and community theatre production choice. Patti Lupone starred in the award-winning Broadway revival in 1987 and in addition, there have been several movie and TV movie adaptations.

The big brass bands of South County High School opened with pizzazz as they busted out the overture of catchy tunes from the show and glided smoothly over notes throughout the show even if they overpowered at times. The first number of the night featured Custudio and Barrale in an excellent rendition of “You’re the Top.” Their fancy footwork and vocals impressed, soaring straight to the top of one of the best songs of the night. The tap heavy numbers however were the most remarkable pieces of the show. “Heaven Hop,” with Reno’s Angels which was lead by Dillard’s Bonnie, not only showcased her command over her high-pitched accent but her excellent balletic, tap and jazz moves as well. In “Anything Goes,” Barrale’s Reno commanded the song vocally and then lead the cast in an outbreak of rhythmic tap that was visually as well as audibly pleasing.

Other numbers that stood out were the rousing “Blow Gabriel Blow” and the cute and comical songs, “Be like the Bluebird” and “Friendship.” Trumbetic and Albertson portraying Moonface and Sir Evelyn respectively provided the bulk of laughs and the audience responded well to their comedic bits.

The show was technically well done particularly the lighting which was realistic during scenes and a more vibrant array of colors during the musical numbers. The stage crew was like the hull of a ship, in tiptop shape as they moved large set pieces fast and efficiently.

Anchored by some smooth steps, tappin’ toes and solid vocals, South County overcame some energy woes to provide a luxurious evening that made you want to “be like the bluebird” and sing along.

Steve Einhorn of Robert E. Lee High School

Ally Barrale with Andrea Mangulabnan, Shannon Clark, Emily Rose Bainwol, Angie Vergel de Dios The cast of Anything Goes in Blow Gabriel
Ally Barrale with Andrea Mangulabnan, Shannon Clark, Emily Rose Bainwol, Angie Vergel de Dios
The cast of Anything Goes in “Blow Gabriel”
Flash Trumbetic, Ally Barrale and Nikko Custodio
Flash Trumbetic, Ally Barrale and Nikko Custodio

Photos by Anne Gallant.

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