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Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Once in a Lifetime

By • Apr 21st, 2010 • Category: Cappies

Do you want to be a star? Are you headed to Hollywood to gain fame and fortune? Think again. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology’s (TJHSST) amiable production of Once in a Lifetime showed just how insane and unpredictable the road to show business can really be.

Written by the acclaimed American playwrights George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart in 1930, Once in a Lifetime is a playful comedy that opened on Broadway on September 24, 1930 and lasted about 406 performances. The play has also been performed at the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre in London, and was made into a film in 1932. It tells the story of three friends, George Lewis, Jerry Hyland, and May Daniels, trying to make it big in Hollywood. After selling their vaudeville act, the threesome heads to Hollywood with plans to open an elocution school for silent film stars.

The play was performed enjoyably by the cast who displayed enduring dedication to their characters. As May Daniels, Nicole Boyd achieved an impressive performance. Boyd’s suitable acting and commitment to details made her the stand out female lead of the night. Art Kulati playing George Lewis was the prominent male lead, using his sarcastic wit and absent-mindedness to bring laughter to the audience.

Two supporting characters the audience fancied were Susan Walker (Sam Schipani) and Rudolph Kammerling (Tim Yuan). Schipani’s role as the eager, fun-loving, actress wannabe made her a giggle to watch throughout the entire performance. Yuan’s role as a German director was hilarious. Yuan’s ridiculous accent and whimsical mannerisms made the audience laugh to the point of tears.

Although some actors were hard to understand at some points, their commitment to the show kept the audience’s attention and made the story run smoothly.¬†

The set was simple and manageable, and although there were some problems, they were quickly overcome and did not hinder the actors’ performances. The lighting, too, was simple but brought a distinctively realistic effect, along with the sound, to the two train scenes. The set, lighting, and sound complimented each other nicely for a charming performance.

Overall, TJHSST’s rendition of Once in a Lifetime brought laughter and fun to the audience making it a wonderfully entertaining night.

Review submitted by Danielle Comer of Bishop Ireton High School.

Photo Gallery

Nicole Boyd and Kate Zurowski Art Kulati, Nicole Boyd, Kevin Place
Nicole Boyd and Kate Zurowski
Art Kulati, Nicole Boyd, Kevin Place
Art Kulati, Kevin Place, Nicole Boyd
Art Kulati, Kevin Place, Nicole Boyd

Photos by Peter Klosky.

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