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Bishop Ireton High School Go-Go Beach: A New Musical

By • Mar 17th, 2010 • Category: Cappies

Forty years ago, John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote a song titled “All You Need is Love.” Voices rang together in perfect unison and just for those three minutes, all you truly needed was love. This message rang crystal clear in Bishop Ireton High School’s feel-good rendition of the musical Go-Go Beach: A New Musical, where it was all about love.

“Go Go Beach: A New Musical” by John Wimbs, Michael Shaieb, and Brent Lord has had only slightly over 100 productions around the world since its debut in 2001. This musical centers around the main character, Woody (Ricky Drummond) a surfing heartthrob who is confronted by his jealous, coquettish girlfriend J.J. (Julianne Kuhn), runaway star Mindy Chinchilla (Cody Boehm) and hippie love-loving friend Bulldog (Danielle Comer). Woody finds himself making choices he never thought possible, but all with one motive — love.

Woody’s character, though at first seemingly simple and one-dimensional, quickly became dynamic as Drummond’s character was confronted with seemingly impossible choices. Bulldog, the final love interest for Woody, was brilliantly played by Danielle Comer, whose fitting vocals and appropriate acting was well received by the audience in her version of “Don’t Look the Other Way.” Her lines, powerful and emotional, made her a truly memorable character.

One of the most amusing characters of the show was Einstein played by Jack Ladd. His nerdy demeanor was apparent in “The Formula For Love,” during which he revealed his plot to drug J.J. into falling in love with him. Every one of his actions was performed with 100% commitment, which made him a joy to watch.

Another outstanding performance was given by Adam Santalla in his portrayal of Sammy Leech. Santalla combined the sleaze of a movie producer with ignorance to the teenage psyche to make for his hilarious one-liners an all around enjoyable performance.

The ensemble, energetic and upbeat, completed the show and provided with constant entertainment. There were, however moments when the energy dropped, but was quickly picked up again and stayed up through the second act, ending the show on a high note.

The 60’s, a difficult time to portray on a stage, was made real by the set pieces, skillfully constructed by the Bishop Ireton Set Design Team. The grass roofed huts completed the look of a beach, projections by TJ Birmingham and Molly Patterson and lighting by Taylor Cambas added to the mood and beach-feel of the production.

Everyone involved in Bishop Ireton High School’s Go-Go Beach truly exemplified the aura of the 60’s between the happy-go-lucky attitude and the more realistic, ominous side. This production will not be easily forgotten, as it brings together a powerful message, “It’s All About Love.”

Submitted by Maria Sharova of Wootton High School.

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