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Paul VI Catholic High School The Pink Panther Strikes Again

By • Nov 16th, 2009 • Category: Cappies

Saving the world is not an easy task, especially when you’re a clumsy and perpetually flustered French detective, with several cleverly disguised assassins chasing after you. However, Paul VI Catholic High School pulled it off splendidly in their production of The Pink Panther Strikes Again. A classic good versus evil story with a slightly unconventional hero, this recent production charmed.

Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau is being hunted down by former Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus for singlehandedly, unintentionally ruining his life. Dreyfus has a whole slew of evil plans to exterminate Clouseau: assassins in all shapes and sizes, an ingenious hunchback costume, and finally an extravagant doomsday machine of doom. Clouseau manages to keep his sparse amount of wits about him as he pursues Dreyfus to an abandoned castle for a final showdown.

Paul VI’s production drew us into an absurd world of extremes: extreme chaos, extreme love, extreme hatred, extreme laughter. Big characters and lively performances carried the lighthearted tale of gallantry and foolishness all the way through the hysterical finale.

Both Tommy Hodge and Jake Miller gave brilliant performances as Clouseau and Dreyfus respectively. The chemistry between the two was evident, and their combined charisma really ramped up the level of hilarity. Meghan Shea, who played Olga also captivated in her characterization of a love struck Russian assassin. Her delivery of her lines in an accent was almost flawless, adding a nice layer to the unique relationship between her and Clouseau.

The show was jam-packed with interesting featured and supporting actors. Cato (Juan Miguel Fernandez) and Jarvis (Paolo Umayam) both had the audience roaring with laughter at their extravagant antics. After all, it takes guts to be a good comic actor, especially as a man in a hot pink dress. Patty Kelleher deserves accolades for her small, but memorable role as Technician. Her vocal expression and timing was superb. The few minutes she had on stage, were minutes passed in side-splitting laughter.

Overall, the technical effects of the show were spot on. With only a few minor disruptions, the sound technicians worked flawlessly off the actors on stage. Effects were realistic, and almost exactly on time. The doomsday machine was the cherry on the cake, cleverly decorated and lighted. The sheer amount of costumes this show had is impressive. They were extremely pivotal in distinguishing the vast number of actors, many playing more than one role.

Paul VI Catholic High School’s The Pink Panther Strikes Again was a magnificent night of joviality and easy fun. With effortless cooperation, the production team put on a successful show.

by Lani Fu of Westfield High School

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