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Freedom High School Ring Round the Moon

By • Nov 9th, 2009 • Category: Cappies

You’ve seen it before. The evil twin and the sweet one. These polar opposites appear in many a theatrical performance. They’ve always been played by two different people. Until now. In Freedom High School’s Ring Round the Moon, the evil twin Hugo and the sweet twin Frederick were played by the same actor, Garrett Bornath. In this comedy of errors and witty snide comments, Hugo and Frederick are attending a party their aunt Mme. Desmortes (Lizzy Topper) is throwing. Frederick is engaged to a girl Diane (Brittany Klein) who is about as sweet as a hive of hornets and Hugo is engaged to no one. Eager to prove to the wealthy patron attending the party that they are nothing more than simpletons he hires a poor girl named Isabelle (Kaitlyn Vickers) to pretend to be his lover, and to fool the wealthy attendees. Chaos abounds as identities are revealed, mistakes are made, and people slap people with white gloves for no apparent reason.

Bornath, as Hugo and Frederick (who never appear on stage at the same time), was excellent as creating a distinction between the two characters. Even without the aid of a jacket to help the audience tell his characters apart, this critic was able to distinguish between the two with ease. His voice and mannerisms changed flawlessly to create two very different characters. Topper, one of the most subtly funny characters of the night, said her lines with perfectly timed delivery, drawing laughter from the audience especially from lines that were clearly improvised. A blanket that became stuck under her wheelchair by accident was perfectly covered up, so that it was hard to tell it wasn’t part of the script. Although the cast was perfectly cast, some characters stood out more through their stage presence than others. Jessica Salazar, as Mother, lit up the stage with her boisterous and comical personality without dominating the scene, and Patrice, played by Anthony Wrotten, though a minor character, commanded the audience’s attention whenever he was speaking.

Though the play was set in France, many characters chose to use British accents, which although may not have matched the setting were still pulled off with a fair amount of skill. An actor who was particularly good at this was Scott Keeler, who played Joshua, the old and comical butler. Although some actors lacked focus and diction at times which made jokes hard to hear, and some actors could have made stronger acting choices, overall the cast worked very well together. One scene that stood out was a catfight between Klein and Vickers’ characters which seemed incredibly real.

The set for the show was one of this critic’s favorite features. Though there was only the one set of the interior of the house, it was done beautifully, very realistically, and matched perfectly with the setting and time period. The masterful execution was orchestrated by students Vy Pham, Jared Solomon and Andrew Barnett. The lighting, which at one point mimicked the effect of fireworks, was also impressive and was designed by Cody Jones.

All in all, Ring Round the Moon made for a very humorous night that left the audience wanting to know more about the plotting lives of the Desmortes household.

by Emily Mannon of Langley High School

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