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Albert Einstein High School You Can’t Take it With You

By • Nov 9th, 2009 • Category: Cappies

When the high society, well-to-do Kirby family comes into contact with the dysfunctional and altogether odd Sycamore family, the chaos that ensues brings a hilarious blend of tax evasion, illegal fireworks and terrible dancing that left the audience smiling throughout. You Can’t Take it With You, as performed by Albert Einstein High School, was a delightfully amusing show.

You Can’t Take it With You is a Pulitzer Prize-winning three act comedy, written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, that premiered in 1936. It is the story of two families; one, the Kirby’s, are a proper, business-oriented family consisting of a mom, dad, and their son Tony (Awate Serequeberhan). The other is the lovable Sycamores, led by their patriarchal grandfather, Martin Vanderhof (Milton Garcia). After one of Vanderhof’s granddaughters, Alice Sycamore (Zoe Goozner) falls in love with Tony, she is very reluctant to introduce him to her abnormal family. In the end, the two families come to realize they can learn a lot from each other, and Tony’s father Mr. Kirby (Abi Fuentes) is happy with his son’s marriage.

As the lead role, Milton Garcia did a fine job portraying the grandpa, especially toward the end of the show. It was there he really had a chance to shine, delivering his speech to Mr. Kirby about living a more relaxed life, and doing what he loves. Another outstanding performance was that of Tony Kirby. Serequeberhan brought a definite realism to his character, and his romantic chemistry with Alice was spectacular. He was always in character, whether speaking or not, and his responses to the actions of others were superb. Serequeberhan was always easy to hear, and was a definite standout in this show. As Alice, Goozner was memorable, portraying all of her emotions well, and eliciting good reactions from the audience.

As a whole, the ensemble worked fairly well together. Not all of the jokes were hit, and it was difficult to hear some of the cast throughout the show. But the energy grew as the show progressed, despite some slow moments that impeded the show’s flow.

Technically, the show was very well done. The lighting was nice throughout, and the choice to wash the stage in blue when Tony and Alice arrived home late was a good one. The set was beautiful and detailed, and props like an authentic typewriter really made it all come together. The actors used the size and levels of the stage to their advantage. Overall, considering two of the “props” were live animals (a dog and, much to the surprise of the audience, a snake), all of the technical aspects were smooth.

You Can’t Take it With You‘s message of loving your family for who they are is clear, and Einstein High School did a good job of presenting it. By blending the comedy and romance together well, the cast was able to keep the audience enthralled through the entire show.

by CJ Tragakis of Lake Braddock Secondary School

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