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Wakefield High School A Chorus Line

By • May 4th, 2009 • Category: Cappies

Seventeen auditioners line up across the stage, hoping that they are one of the lucky eight to be cast in a chorus line. As each one of them reveals their past and the events leading up to their decisions to become dancers, the lives and stories of these characters became more and more poignant. Thus, Wakefield High School’s production of A Chorus Line truly spoke to the hopeful star in each of us.

Written by James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante, A Chorus Line is one of the single most successful Broadway musicals ever. Running 6,137 performances in addition to winning nine Tony Awards and the 1976 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the show clearly enjoyed huge popularity. Taking place in a Broadway theater during an audition, A Chorus Line follows the dancers as they try to impress Zach (John “Waffles” Morgan), the director of the show.

As veteran dancer Cassie, Jocelyn Magsumbol stood out thanks to her powerful vocals and well-developed character. Her song “The Music and the Mirror” was captivating and sung beautifully. Another standout was Dylan Everett as Mike. As the first major soloist of the show, Everett quickly grabbed the audience’s attention with his exuberant and talented dancing and candid vocals during “I Can Do That.” Morgan, as the aggressive and impatient director, did an impressive job of varying his vocal expressions during the extensive portions of the show when he was only an offstage voice.

While this was truly an ensemble cast, Al and Kristine, a young couple played by Nick Blank and Karina Carlson, shone among the other performers. They conveyed the lovey-dovey feeling young and in-love people have through their intimate glances and handholding. Their duet “Sing!” was comical and highly entertaining. Carlson was also a very strong dancer in several numbers throughout the show.

The set was simple, consisting of only a few mirrors, which was effective for an audition setting. Some actors were a bit too quiet, but overall sound was adequate. There were several instances of notes being too sharp or too flat and the company lacking cohesion and energy, but this was not apparent during the number “One,” that featured all the performers dancing difficult steps and singing in unison. Lighting was fairly smooth, with just a few cases of missed cues.

For such a difficult show, Wakefield High School put forth a valiant effort and made their rendition of A Chorus Line a “singular sensation” for all to behold. A Chorus Line will also be performed this weekend, May 8 and 9 at 7:00PM. Don’t miss it.

by Sam Faktorow of Langley High School

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