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South Lakes High School Anything Goes

By • May 4th, 2009 • Category: Cappies

Come board ship to see the spectacular comedy of mistaken identity, love, and celebrity worship. Cole Porter’s classic musical, Anything Goes, is a hilarious comedy that the entire family can enjoy.

Anything Goes first opened on Broadway in 1934, and has been revived several times since both in Britain and America. The 1962 Off-Broadway revival is just as funny as the original. This show went by two other names until Cole Porter rewrote the show for the third time, and came out with Anything Goes.

This comedy is set on board an ocean liner from New York to London, making the hijinx all the more funny. Billy Crocker, played by Ocean Bianchi, is a young stowaway on the ship attempting to rekindle a love with Hope, played by Mary Davis, who is unfortunately engaged to Sir Evelyn Oakleigh, played by Dan Delcoco. Fortunately for Billy, his dear friend Reno Sweeney, Abby Coryell, is also on board, and more than willing to help Billy find his true love. To add to the craziness, Billy must hide from his boss who is on board, and Public Enemy number 13, Moonface Martin played by Alex Turner is on board. As the crew searches for Public Enemy number 1, whose ticket Billy holds, hijinx ensue and the show becomes more and more intense.

The superb cast was led by Bianchi and Coryell, who also made fantastic vocal performances. Coryell, who especially shone in the number “Anything Goes,” brought laughs and joy to the audience. While this show is hilarious on its own, Turner and Lauren Whitley as Bonnie, Moonface’s companion, brought out the hilarity of the show with great skill. Known for it’s tap dancing numbers, South Lakes brought out the best in this dimension as well.

There were few if any sound and lighting errors. Stage crew was efficient and silent, making the scene changes seamless and quick. The set, which is the ocean liner, is breathtaking and allowed for the actors to be on different levels of the stage.

South Lakes High School’s performance of Anything Goes is a spectacular performance that is hilarious, fun, and one that the entire family would enjoy. This is one show that the audience will have “hot pants” for.

by Madeleine Grewell of Albert Einstein High School

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