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Langley High School Noises Off

By • Nov 24th, 2008 • Category: Cappies

Bags! Boxes! Doors! Comedic antics galore crowd the stage of Langley’s production of the farcical comedy Noises Off. Oh, and don’t forget the sardines! (Dotty did quite a lot!)

Michael Frayn’s Noises Off is a popular farce expanded from the one act Exits. According to the playwright, the idea came to him while watching a Lynn Redgrave farce from the wings. “It was funnier from behind than in front and I thought that one day I must write a farce from behind.” Noises Off went on to critical acclaim and was nominated for five Tony awards.

Concerning the story of a second-rate inept acting troupe, Noises Off, follows the actors as they attempt to put on a terrible sexual farce entitled Nothing On. As the play progresses, the tension and behavior of the cast become more intense, leading to crumbling personal relationships, wielded axes, and a lot of drinking.

As the ever-forgetful Dotty/Mrs. Crackett, Kelly Hubbell delivered a hilarious character. Flawlessly switching between a British accent and her normal voice, her comedic timing was impeccable and had the audience bursting out in laughter with her fishy antics. As Lloyd Dallas, the temperamental director, Wes Brandt produced a sarcastic and bitter character that caused many laughs.

Sam Faktorow portraying ladies man, Garry/Roger was “well, you know…..” pretty believable and had clearly defined characters. The bumbling Freddie/Phillip was portrayed by Alvin Kuai. His physicality greatly enhanced his character and he was at his best while hopping around with his pants around his ankles or expressing his fearfulness of blood and violence “through the nose.”

As dimwitted Brooke/Vickie, Hayley Mueller always maintained differences between her two characters and Kate DaRocha believably portrayed Belinda/Flavia and never strayed from character.

As the meek, frizzy-haired stage manager Poppy, Becca Allen gave an endearing, comical performance. Portraying the other bumbling stage manager Tim was Ramsey Sitta. Sitta, with an awkward and shy character, successfully portrayed Tim.

Yet another comical performance was given by Meg Honigberg as the smelly drinker Selsdon/burglar. She¬†humorously acted the forgetful drunk by “missing her cues” and “forgetting” her lines.

Although some scenes dragged and a few characters did not ennunciate well, the cast included many talented performers who used hilarious physicality to effectively portray their characters. The show was further enhanced by the props used to advantage by the actors.

With nearly flawless sound and simple yet effective lighting and costumes, Langley’s production of Noises Off was an enjoyable evening for all in attendance. After all, what’s more deep than doors and sardines?

by Steven Einhorn of Robert E. Lee High School

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