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Mount Vernon High School Working

By • Nov 11th, 2007 • Category: Cappies

“Brother Trucker” featuring Torres Hodges

“Bang, Bang! Click, Click! Ring, Ring!” The miscellaneous sounds of Working were emitted in Mount Vernon High School’s recent lively production.

Working, adapted by Stephen Schwartz and Nina Faso from the best-selling novel by Studs Terkel, received several Tony award nominations during its time on Broadway. The musical incorporated the lives of various workers and their stories of professional life. From iron workers to stone masons to waitresses to custodians, Working covered the large spectrum of professions in the real world.

Although the first act lacked a high level of energy, the second act compensated by providing the audience with upbeat characters and dance numbers. The simplistic nature of different aspects of the show, such as choreography and costumes, aided in conveying the truths about professions and the real world. At certain times characters were slightly inaudible, but overall projection played a positive element in the show.

Many of the featured actors and actresses convincingly portrayed their characters and came alive on stage. Stan Reaves, who played Conrad Swibel the UPS Carrier, utilized his character’s comical nature to accurately express a humorous route when working. Kiera Evans, who played Delores Dante the Waitress, additionally utilized her character’s humorous personality to describe her day at work. Her musical number “It’s An Art” had an immense amount of energy and therefore was a pleasure to watch. Isaac Bennett, who played Tom Patrick the Fireman, depicted a fireman’s life in such an emotional, endearing, and truly believable manner.

“It’s an Art” featuring Kiera Evans Over the course of the show, the musical numbers captured the best of various performers on stage. Katie Carter, as Grace Clements the Millworker, illustrated her tedious life in the song “Millwork” where her voice glowed and simultaneously captured the emotion of her occupation. Jonathan Faircloth, as Joe Zutty the retired man, had a wonderful voice and furthermore retained character during the song “Joe.” Torres Hodges, as Frank Decker the Interstate Trucker, had a great voice in the energetic number “Brother Trucker.”

The technological aspect of the show overall benefitted the production. The various levels of the set aided in allowing many characters to be visibly onstage at the same time. Lighting and sound were on cue which helped to move the show along. The transitions between musical numbers and scenes helped move the show along as well since they were quick, efficient, and smooth.

Ultimately, the cast and crew of Working at Mount Vernon created a performance which captured the essence of working life, of the emotions of various occupations, and of the trials and tribulations of the real world.

Working will be performed next weekend, November 16th and 17th at 7:30PM.

by Roopali Kulkarni of Stone Bridge

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