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By • Jun 15th, 2007 • Category: Also Visit, Interviews

Listen to Mike talk with Jeremy Aufderheide, the creator of the wonderful Broadway video archive at [MP3 3:42 1.6MB].

Mike: This is Mike with ShowBizRadio. Today I am talking with Jeremy Aufderheide who runs the website. How are you doing Jeremy?

Jeremy: I’m great. How are you?

Mike: Doing ok. Thanks very much for talking with me today.

Jeremy: No problem.

Mike: About a week ago several of the theater blogs I read said,” Hey, you’ve got to go check out this new website. It’s got tons of Broadway clips from productions from the past 40 or 50 years of shows.” So of course I checked it out. You’ve got a whole big collection of different shows from different Broadway productions.

Jeremy: There are about 300 clips up now I believe and I’m about to put some more up. There’s been a great response to it. I’m really happy with the site.

Mike: So what made you think up the idea?

Jeremy: Well, I’m a web designer and I was investigating putting some video on a client’s website. I grabbed a few things and tried to put them on mine and play around with it. They just happened to be Broadway based. I didn’t say anything about the site except to one person and all of a sudden people started visiting. So I added more and people started visiting more. I added more and more. So now I probably get 2,000 hits a day.

Mike: Is there a goal to keep adding? To branch out into doing other things or keeping it pretty focused on the Broadway videos?

Jeremy: At this point I’m wanting to keep it pretty simple and pretty focused on Broadway performances. Strictly performances from shows. Who knows where it’s going to go? Right now I just plan on adding more. I think there’s enough material out there continuing to be broadcast on tv. It’s going to be a never ending source of new clips. I don’t see any end to it at all.

Mike: Do you live in the New York area?

Jeremy: No. I live in Minneapolis at this point. I’m planning on relocating to Chicago soon, but right now I live in Minneapolis.

Mike: Are you a theater person?

Jeremy: Yes. I studied theater for a couple years in college. I didn’t feel that the industry was for me. I felt that I’d be happier sitting on the sidelines and watching or writing websites about it or writing about it or anything like that. I wasn’t actually excited about being an actor or working in the industry. I was more excited about the history of it and looking on as a spectator.

Mike: So I guess the big question is: where do you get all these clips? I saw a handful from the Ed Sullivan Show and other TV shows like Rosie and different things like that.

Jeremy: The newer shows I’ve been recording them for quite a while. I’ve got a large collection of clips from newer shows like Rosie and The View and things like that, just because I wanted to have them. A friend of mine had given me some recordings from the Ed Sullivan Show. That’s where I got the Ed Sullivan clips. There are also some older Tony Award shows. I know a friend who has a large collection of the Tony Award shows going back to the 60’s. So either through friends, or my own personal collection.

Mike: I noticed you’ve got the disclaimer on the website about fair use. All that wonderful legal stuff. Have you had any problems from any of the copyright holders?

Jeremy: Equity contacted me, but they weren’t specific about what they wanted removed and I haven’t heard back. Until I hear back about what specifically they want, I can’t take anything down.

Mike: Ok. Well, I wish you all the best with the site.

Jeremy: Well, thank you.

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  1. Bluegobo is a terrific site. Thank you Jeremy for all the work you’ve put into it!