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TOYL Update and Photos of the Set (or “Joe! Someone stole the phone book!”)

By • Oct 11th, 2006 • Category: The Time of Your Life

I’ve had a great time the last week working hard on The Time of Your Life. We’ve now run the entire show straight through at least six times. I had one run where I didn’t make any mistakes, and remembered all of my lines. Including the lists that Tom is so found of. So what happens the next day? Blah! Things just got jumbled inside my head a couple times.

I was also warned to be ready to have to improv around another actor when they stumble or when the unexpected happens. The first time that happened I was surprised and broke a bit out of character. A few nights later, I was surprised when a prop I was told to get wasn’t where it was supposed to be. So I exclaimed “Joe! Someone stole the phone book!” and Joe (the wonderful Patrick David) then had to “remember” the phone number he was about to look up. It worked quite well. And the lesson was learned: always triple check all your props are where they are supposed to be.

Tonight we have our first performance with an audience. Oooh, a preview! I’m a little nervous, I’ve been warned to expect laughter at several spots. But I can’t see out into the audience, the lights are too bright, so I’m not expecting to be too nervous once I get started.

I’ve posted some more photos at the new ShowBizRadio Photo Gallery. The photos I’ve posted are some closeups of the set. I have some cast photos I took, as well as some from backstage. I’ll work on those later this week.

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  1. Mike,
    The set looks terrific! I hope you have a great run! Break a leg!!