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TOYL Full Show Rehearsals

By • Oct 4th, 2006 • Category: The Time of Your Life

Wow, we have done a ton of work since last I posted. Friday night we ran bunches of scenes. Saturday was an all-day extravaganza that culminated in a full run through. On Saturday we were at the theatre from 9am until 6:45pm. In the morning we did a speed read of the First Act (what Saroyan wrote as Acts I, II and III), then we did a rehearsal straight through of those portions. We had some light cues all set, so that was good to work though. We also played with the scene transitions, so it will look like time has passed from when the blackout starts to when the blackout ends. After lunch, we read through Act II (the original Act IV and V). Then we did a rehearsal of those scenes. We took a quick break, then did the entire play! Tada! It looks good! We also did the first round of publicity and lobby photos.

Sunday afternoon we met for six more hours. Everyone was dragging. Seven days straight of rehearsals will do that. So there were lots of dropped lines and fumbled entrances. I’m pretty sure that was all simple exhaustion throwing us off.

Monday was an off day, no rehearsal. A bunch of people went to the theatre and continued with set dressing, some technical (lights) setup and cleaning backstage. Nick’s Pacific Street Saloon, Restaurant and Entertainment Palace is looking better all the time.

Tuesday evening was a complete run through, no costumes or makeup. The pinball machine was repaired on Tuesday afternoon, so it was a lot quieter. Willie the pinball wizard is amazing at finding things to do while he is playing pinball. He juggles his hat with his feet, trips over the stool he is sitting on, he stays very busy while staying in place. There was a lot of stumbling again, but everyone is working on adding subtleties to their performances. I tried to do one of my scenes depressed, and Chip liked it, but now I have to remember how I did it so I can do it again.

Tonight is a full dress rehearsal, costumes, and makeup. I haven’t had time to post any photos, but i am going to try really really hard to do that in the next couple days. Have you made your ticket reservations yet? Email or leave a voicemail at 703-425-6782. Tell them Tom sent ya.

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