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Red Knight Productions Medieval Story Land

By • Aug 12th, 2013 • Category: Reviews
Medieval Story Land
Red Knight Productions: (Web)
Gaithersburg Arts Barn, Gaithersburg, MD
Through August 25th
90 minutes, no intermission
$16/$14 Gaithersburg Residents/$9 Children
Reviewed August 10th, 2013

A hilarious ensemble cast made Medieval Story Land a fun fable to observe. Excellent pacing, the cast knew how to wait for the laugh and then carry on. Everyone took their character in stride. Despite being serious about their quests, the cast was poking fun at themselves.

Our hero Todd, played by Edward Nagel, was very strong, very kind, but not very smart. Always the hopeful romantic, he sought out his quest to bring light back from darkness. He along with his trusty companions (the Red Knight (Nick Hagy), Whisker-Toe the Dwarf (or Dorf as it is sometimes called), played by Britt Duff, and the Troll Graglore played by Seth Rosenke) set out on a quest. Ready for adventure the foursome worked smoothly together all with great emotion and a realistic sincerity. However, they also seemed to enjoy not going overboard and having fun with their characters.

Fight director Megan Behm worked well training the cast to make the sword play scenes realistic. The scenes were accentuated by Vaughn Irving who provided the percussion and other sound effects with an excellent sense of timing such that crashes and thuds were heard exactly when we saw the swords hit or the punch land. The simple set was made up of black blocks with a shiny stripe along the edges. The blocks could be easily stacked and restacked in many different configurations to create walls, benches, etc. Mary Wakefield and Brittany Graham’s costume designs were spot on.

What other “fantasy” or “medieval” shows are there? We came up with Camelot, Spamalot, perhaps Pippin and Into The Woods. The general genre of medieval-themed shows is wide open, and Medieval Story Land fits right in. This unpredictable script was also ripe with reveals and many “aha” moments. The hour and a half went by quickly in a hilariously grand performance. Highly recommended for kids of all ages. Huzzah!


  • Narrator: Ariel Shine
  • Todd: Edward “Teddy” C. Nagel
  • Todd’s Father/Green Todd/Gil: Brendan Edward Kennedy
  • The Millennium Wizard: John Stange
  • The Blue Knight/Ocelopatros/Sir Swordsly: David Pratt
  • Minda/Moonstar: Jordan Slattery
  • The Red Knight: Nick Hagy
  • Whisker-Toe: Britt Duff
  • Sparkle-Twinkle/Royal Guard/Beardle: Katie Zitz
  • The Opaque Priest/King Richard: Kyle McGruther
  • Graglore: Seth Rosenke

Production Team

  • Producer/Playwright: Scott Courlander
  • Associate Producer: Nick Hitchens
  • Associate Producer: Katie Zitz
  • Director: Jason Schlafstein
  • Stage Manager: Kristen Skolnik
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Aaron Fensterheim
  • Costumer: Mary Wakefield
  • Costumer: Brittany Graham
  • Original Costume Design: Lois Dunlop
  • Lighting Designer: Jason Aufdem-Brinke
  • Fight Director: Megan Behm
  • Percussion: Vaughn Irving

Disclaimer: Red Knight Productions provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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