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The Arlington Players Laughter on the 23rd Floor

By • Feb 9th, 2012 • Category: Reviews
Laughter on the 23rd Floor by Neil Simon
The Arlington Players
Gunston Arts Center, Arlington, VA
Through February 17th
2:10 with one intermission
$15/$12 Seniors and Juniors
Reviewed February 3rd, 2012

The Arlington Players’ Laughter on the 23rd Floor was a funny show featuring adult language. Neil Simon’s comedy is based on his experiences writing for the TV show Your Show of Shows in the early days of television. The basic concept reminded me of The Dick Van Dyke Show, a comedy about the antics of the writing staff for a television comedy show, which makes sense as DVD’s creator Carl Reiner was also a writer for Your Show of Shows.

The show was much funnier than I was expecting, with very little sappy emotion between the staff of the TV show. The 90 minute weekly show had a writing staff of seven people. Adam Schiffer was effective as new writer Lucas Brickman, using several asides to explain situations to the audience. His naiveté in the early parts of the show realistically disappeared as time passed. Jack Stein as show host Max Prince successfully switched mindsets between crazed comic genius and loony egomaniac. The other writers each had their own style which didn’t disappear as they created jokes around the most mundane of topics.

Dave Means’ set was quite functional, close attention was made to the special effect perpetrated by Max several times through the show. McKenna Kelly’s costumes, makeup and hair helped set the show in the 1950s. Be aware that there are quite a lot of f-bombs dropped throughout the show. And they weren’t gratuitous, they actually made sense for the scene, as well as were an ongoing gag between a few of the writers. Overall, I found the script to be one of the laugh-out-loud funniest of Neil Simon’s shows.

Photo Gallery

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Photos provided by The Arlington Players


  • Lucas Brickman: Adam Schiffer
  • Milt Fields: Jack Sossman
  • Val Slotsky: James Walsh
  • Brian Doyle: Robert King
  • Kenny Franks: Hans Dettmar
  • Carol Wyman: Jenny Rauch
  • Max Prince: Jack Stein
  • Helen: Laura Fontaine
  • Ira Stone: Steven Rosenthal

Production Team

  • Producer: Karinn Colugne
  • Director: Ian Grossman
  • Stage Manager: Lee Zahnow
  • Master Carpenter: James Villarrubia
  • Set Design: Dave Means
  • Set Painting: James Villarrubia, Amanda Acker
  • Set Dressing & Properties Designer: Kate Roehr
  • Set Dressing & Properties Assistant: Krista Grimmet
  • Lighting Design: Meghann Peterlin
  • Sound Design: Chris Kagy
  • Costume Design: McKenna Kelly
  • Hair & Makeup Design: McKenna Kelly
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Dina Green, George krumbhaar, Jennifer Strand
  • Stage Crew: George Sinks
  • Set Construction Crew: Dave Means, Michael DeBlois, Scott Drew, William Kolodrubetz, Richard Garey, Amanda Aker
  • Charge Painters: Kristin Visaggio, Scott Drew, Nikki Hoffpauir, Dave Means, Deborah Means, Amanda Aker, Karrin Cologne, Anne Marie Wilson, Rick Wilson, Karen Toth
  • Light Board Operator: Joni Hugghes
  • Sound Board: Chris Kagy
  • Auditions: Amanda Aker, Dina Green, Nolan Hughes, Steven Yates
  • Photography: Peter Hill
  • Program: James Villarrubia, Nikki Hoffpauir
  • Logo Design: James Villarrubia
  • Box Office: Nikki Hoffpauir, Barbara Esquibel
  • Opening Night Party: Karinn Cologne and Amanda Aker

Disclaimer: The Arlington Players provided a complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review. TAP also purchased advertising on the web site, which did not influence this review.

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