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Fauquier Community Theatre A Christmas Carol

By • Dec 7th, 2011 • Category: Reviews
A Christmas Carol
Fauquier Community Theatre
Fauquier Community Theatre, Warrenton, VA
Through December 18th
2:15 with one intermission
$15/$13 Seniors and Students
Reviewed December 2nd, 2011

A Christmas Carol is a classic play by Charles Dickens; this production was adapted by Lynn Stevens. Old Ebenezer Scrooge has made it quite clear that he wants nothing to do with Christmas cheer. The old miser has made everyone who works for him miserable as he grumbles about the wastefulness of Christmas. Then three Christmas Eve visitors pay him a visit to try to change his perception of Christmas before it is too late.

The almost sold out audience opening night seemed to thoroughly enjoy the hard work of both the performers and the crew. There were a few technical hiccups and a dramatic pause while lines were being remembered, but over all it was a solid performance for the Fauquier Community Theatre in Warrenton, Virginia.

Old Ebenezer Scrooge was played by Jack Seely. Seely portrayed the old curmudgeon with all the necessary ill will and grumpiness to make his part quite believable. Seely contrasted nicely with the kind accommodating Bob Cratchitt played by Gary Parsons. Parson’s demeanor balanced out the scenes with Seely well with Parson’s reaction to Scrooge’s giving Cratchit a raise was priceless. All of the supporting cast was in character and all seemed to work together on stage as a team.

Using levels for the set made for a good visual and set designers Tim Kirk and Susan Noe made the area a feel open despite the large cast and small stage. Scrim painters Nancy Daugherty and Gary Parsons created a 3D mural of a village backdrop that was very realistic. One distraction to the evening was the noise created when the scrim was closed. There were some noisy feet moving around backstage. Some of the set pieces were quite large (the four-poster bed for instance) and could be heard when it was closed up and moved.

The show also featured a group of carolers who moved around the set and aisles of the house between scenes. Occasionally they would sing from backstage during a scene which made it difficult to hear a few actors. The audience was also invited to sing two Christmas carols at the beginning of the second act.

Be aware that the outer seats along the left edge of the house have obstructed views in a few scenes. The performance of A Christmas Carol we attended suffered a few bumps, but those bumps did not diminish the classic Christmas tale.


  • Carolers: Diana Bennett, Jason Whitesides, Becky Carver, Victoria Whitesides, Isabella Whitesides
  • Peter Crachit: Nicholas Seyler
  • Ebenezer Scrooge: Jack Seeley
  • Bob Cratchit: Gary Parsons
  • Fred: Brian Strickland
  • Mary: Sarah Jane Scott
  • Charity Women: Sherry Bendt and Dawn Fansler
  • Martha Crachit: Holly Tupper
  • Playing children: Susannah Stevic, Grant Colgan, Alan Pierce
  • Jacob Marley’s Ghost: Scott Pierce
  • Ghost of Christmas Past: HannahBallinger
  • Young Boy Scrooge : Dylan Pierce
  • Headmaster (voice): Jason Whitesides
  • Fran Scrooge: Maggie Pierce
  • Mr. Fezziwig: Richard Perryman
  • Dick Wilkins: Joseph Heizelman
  • Young Man Scrooge: Brian Strickland
  • William: Daniel Constable
  • Henry: Kirk Noe
  • The Fiddler: Hannah Rosa
  • Mrs. Fezziwig: Teena Stevic
  • Miss Fezziwigs: Madison Orme, Samantha Deitz, Mikal Cardine
  • Ghost of Christmas Present: Scott Heine
  • Mary’s Sisters: Mikal Cardine, Samantha Deitz
  • Topper: Kirk Noe
  • Ruth: Alexandra Whitesides
  • Ignorance: Patrick Donovan
  • Want: Leanna Embree
  • Belinda Cratchit: Maria Luetkemeyer
  • Mrs. Cratchit Margo Heine
  • Peter Cratchit: Spencer Kelly
  • Sara Cratchit: Emily Powell
  • Timm Cratchit: Gavin Pierce
  • Ghost of Christmas Future: Kirk Noe
  • Pawnbroker: Richard Perryman
  • Charwoman: Mikal Cardine
  • Laundress: Kathleen Donovan
  • Undertaker’s Man: Daniel Constable
  • Turkey Boy: Coleman Embree

Production Staff

  • Director: Susan Noe
  • Assistant Director/Choreographer: Becky Carver
  • Producer: Evelyn Rice
  • Stage Manager: Tina Embree
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Richard Perryman
  • Set Design: Tim Kirk, Susan Noe
  • Set Construction: Tim Kirk, Chris Noe, Kirk Noe, Richard Perryman
  • Set Painting: Becky Carver, Susan Noe, Gary Parsons, Richard Perryman
  • Light Design: Tim Kirk
  • Sound Design: Tim Kirk
  • Special Effects: Tim Kirk
  • Properties: Susan Noe, Hillary Tupper
  • Set Dressing: Susan Noe
  • Hair Design: Becky Carver
  • Make-Up Design: Becky Carver, tim Kirk
  • Costume Design: Susan Noe
  • Head Costumer: Teena Stevic
  • Programs: Evelyn Rice
  • Posters: Sarah Weathers
  • Light Board Operator: Ben Binkley
  • Sound Board Operator: Tim Kirk
  • Backstage Help: Maddie Drown, Joshua Stevic
  • Seamstresses: Hannah Ballinger, Diana Bennett, Susan Noe, Teena Stevic
  • Scrim Painting: Nancy Daugherty, Gary Parsons
  • Millinery: Becky Carver
  • Opening Night Reception: Laurie Bersack, Bertucci’s
  • Box office/Marketing: Christie Clark

Disclaimer: Fauquier Community Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review. FCT also purchased advertising on the web site, which did not influence this review. And Mike was invited to be part of the crew for this show, which he declined, but he did give technical assistance to the stage manager and director before auditions took place.

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