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Forum Theatre Bobrauschenbergamerica

By • Jun 7th, 2011 • Category: Reviews
Forum Theatre
Round House Theatre-Silver Spring
Through June 25th
1:50, without intermission
$25/$20 Seniors/$15 Under 30
Reviewed June 4th, 2011

Performance Art is defined as: “an art form that combines visual art with dramatic performance.” In Bobrauschenbergamerica that criteria is met. While there is a very basic plot, an introduction to the life of artist Robert Rauschenberg, what follows is actually more like watching YouTube by only clicking on videos suggested by the computers at Google. Robert Rauschenberg expressed himself by combining everyday objects together to see what was formed.

The show featured song and dance, movement and expression. There is slipping and sliding and laughter and tears. Bobrauschenbergeramerica could be seen as sort of a show with a plotless plot.

The ensemble cast was free to express themselves and did so. Sometimes it was awkward to watch and at other times you were extremely engrossed in the action on stage. A monologue delivered by a pizza delivery guy was was heartfelt and profound. Relationships formed and were broken. Expect the unexpected. A marching band. A slip and slide. Lots of chicken jokes (My contribution: “How do you keep a chicken in suspense? I’ll tell you tomorrow.”). Ping pong balls. Poetry. Food. Baseball.

The cast seemed to enjoy what they were doing and enjoyed sharing it with you. Not always sure what that “it” was, but for the most part it was fun to watch. The use of real objects (edible and otherwise) added to the performance artistic atmosphere. It also kept the audience engaged because one was never sure what was going to happen next.

A unique look at life in America. If you aren’t enjoying what you’re seeing, give it a minute, and you’ll find something you like more.

Photo Gallery

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Photos by Melissa Blackall


  • Roller Skate Girl: Kailei Isaac
  • Bob’s Mom: Annie Houston
  • Becker: Maboud Ebrahimzadeh
  • Phil, The Trucker: Cliff Williams III
  • Susan: Julie Garner
  • Wilson: Michael Dove
  • Allen: Augie Praley
  • Carl: Aaron Reeder
  • Phil’s Girl: Chelsey Christensen
  • Bob, The Pizza Guy: Joe Brack


  • Director: Derek Goldman
  • Scenic Designer: Natsu Onoda Power
  • Costume Designer: Ivania Stack
  • Lighting Designer: Paul Frydrychowski
  • Sound Designer: Veronika Vorel
  • Choreographer: Kelly Mayfield
  • Dramaturg: Laura Esti Miller
  • Season Artwork: Carolyn Sewell
  • Production Photographer: Melissa Blackall
  • Live Music Coordinator: Rose McConnell
  • Production Stage Manager: Stephanie Junkin
  • Rehearsal Stage Manager: Zachary Ford
  • Resident Deck Manager: Mandy Yu
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Devin Wein
  • Sound Operator: David Chang
  • Production Assistant: Isabel Harman Cain
  • Production Assistant: Jessica Linger
  • Technical Director: Jameson Shroyer
  • Asst. Lighting Designer/Master Electrician: Elizabeth A. Coco
  • Assistant to the Director: Connor Davis
  • Assistant to the Choreographer: Eleni Grove

Disclaimer: Forum Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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