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Flooding in Minot Affects Local Theatres

By • Jun 27th, 2011 • Category: News

Minot, North Dakota has experienced record-breaking flooding over the past several days. ShowBizRadio contacted Minot’s two community theaters, Mouse River Players and Minot Area Theatrical Society, to see how they were affected.

David Bradley, a board member for the Mouse River Players, said:

Thank you, Michael for your concern. Fortunately for the theater itself the overflow hasn’t reached the building, so all is well there. On the other hand, many of our performers, crew members, audience members, etc. have been evacuated and are staying elsewhere.

As of now, the river here has crested (lower than expected), and the level is beginning to drop. At best, it will be two weeks before people can go take a look at things. We are, of course, not alone in this as the flood is now moving downriver and will affect towns there before turning north and eventually hitting Canada again.

Thank you again. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Mouse River’s next show, two original plays, is currently scheduled for October. MATS’ next show, The 39 Steps, is currently in rehearsal and scheduled to be performed in late August and early September.

Best wishes to both the Mouse River Players and Minot Area Theatrical Society as they deal with the flooding.

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