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Elden Street Players/Theatre for Young Audiences Something Different 2011

By • Apr 6th, 2011 • Category: Reviews
Something Different 2011
Elden Street Players/Theatre for Young Audiences
Industrial Strength Theater, Herndon, VA
Through April 17th
Reviewed April 2nd, 2011

Something Different is an original work by Holly Harrington. It tells four different stories in under an hour. Both educational and lively, these stories will entertain children and adults of all ages. Something Different is a new collection of stories each year.

All four tales were delivered by a group of enthusiastic people with lots of energy and spunk. They talked slow enough to be understood and loud enough to be heard throughout the audience. Each story was told with bright costumes and big, bold hand motions and exaggerated expressions. The longest story, which was told in several parts, was the story of “The Gingerbread Man.” Other stories included “The Cracked Pot” (which few people we’ve spoken with were familiar with), “The Pied Piper of Hamlin” and others.

Besides a few small props, the main set piece was a huge book. It had a door and a small window used by the actors for entrances and exits. The side of the “book” was also used. There were also several large blocks of various sizes which were quickly rearranged for each story. The actor’s entrances were always grand and the exits were equally so. The actors all seemed to enjoy what they were doing and put all their heart and soul into entertaining the children and the parents. The performance the Pied Piper featured snippets of songs from Broadway and popular culture.

Something Different did run just over an hour so there was no intermission. The cast even hung around afterwards to give autographs, which was exciting for the children in attendance. This original family friendly group of stories will delight and entertain the young folks and may even educate the older patrons who attended. Either way, it was a fun show not to be missed.


  • Erin Gallalee
  • Matt Takane
  • Anne Kight Lloyd
  • Rachel Kennedy
  • Vnessa Moir
  • Alex Turner
  • Marie Turner

Production Team

  • Director: Holly Harrington
  • Stage Manager: Mary Ann Hall
  • Costumer: Kathy Dunlap
  • Box Office: Sandy Sullivan
  • Set: Marty Sullivan
  • Graphics: Ginger Kohles
  • Postcard: Ginger Kohles
  • Advertising: Rich Klare

Disclaimer: Elden Street Players/Theatre for Young Audiences provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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