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Keeping it local

By • Apr 8th, 2011 • Category: Published Elsewhere

Here’s an interesting article, with good comments from its readers. From the Guardian, “Keeping it local: regional theatre needs new media”:

The challenge for arts organisations outside London is to embrace the blogosphere, and fast. I think we need to work hard to nurture the brave souls who are often spending their free time running what’s-on sites and blogs – invite them to our shows, treat them like proper journalists, buy them lunch, encourage our suppliers to buy advertising space on their websites, link to their sites from ours and so on. If we help listings sites and blogs to grow, we’re safeguarding the future of arts criticism.

As one of the “brave souls” who spends his time running a “what’s on” site, this is encouraging. Read the entire article at the Guardian Theatre Blog. And feel free to buy some ads on ShowBizRadio, or to add us to your press contact list.

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