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Warner Theatre Blue Man Group

By • Mar 24th, 2011 • Category: Reviews
Blue Man Group
Warner Theatre
Warner Theatre
Through April 3rd
1:45 without intermission
$44 to $110
Reviewed March 23rd, 2011

An amazing evening of entertainment was had on Wednesday night as part of the Blue Man Group’s touring version of their theatrical production. The Blue Man touring company rocked, rolled, drummed, ate, pounded, and communicated, all without a single spoken word save an off-stage voice to offer instruction and lay the ground rules. The energy they transferred to the audience was so incredibly uplifting that the time flew by. Using colored lights and a live band the three men used strange yet ordinary items to create a unique sound and experience.

Audience members also shared in the exciting escapades directly, with a few being brought on stage to participate. Only brave people should sit along the aisle! Upon entering the stately Warner Theatre, one noticed right away that the first four rows were equipped with rain ponchos. Wear the rain ponchos if you are given the option. You have been warned!

The precision of the technical staff to get the lights and sound effects to be perfect must have taken hours of rehearsals. And it’s one of those situations where you can’t do the technical side without the actors to provide the timing and talent. The show was loud, but this is a big show that just can’t be done quietly. Everything was big and loud, from the paint flying off of oversized drums to the colored lights and video displays to a 20 foot puppet that managed to shake it, the Blue Man Group shared a love of life with an eager audience.

If you are apprehensive about attending this show, check out some YouTube videos. But you’ll have more fun if you let yourself be surprised. Some visualizations may not be suitable for very young audience members.

This is a show for the whole family to laugh, clap and enjoy all the way to the car, bus, or Metro station.

Photo Gallery

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05_Heads_BMG 03_Rocket_BMG

Photos by Paul Kolnik.

Blue Men

  • Kalen Allmandinger
  • Josh Elrod
  • Mark Frankel
  • General Fermon Judd


  • Music Director/Zither/Guitar: David Traver
  • Chapman Stick/Strings: Jerry Kops
  • Percussion/Kit: Clement J. Waldmann, III
  • Percussion/Kit: Jeff Wright

Disclaimer: ShowBizRadio was provided two complimentary media tickets for this review.

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