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Aldersgate Church Community Theater Bugsy Malone Jr.

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As you enter the lobby you will be met with a very full concession stand. From candies to chips and from hot chocolate to coffee will be offered. Next you’ll walk into the theatre with a full proscenium stage plenty of leg room. If your seating is too hard on your bottom, you may ask for a seat cushion. This is very cool.

ACCT’s next youth production is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the 1920s gangster flick, Bugsy Malone, Jr.. It promises and delivers big musical numbers, flapper fashions, fedoras, speakeasies, and loads of laughs! It seems Fat Sam (The production was double cast, so actors switch off every other night, giving the kids a chance to play different roles.), who runs one of the most popular clubs in town, is in danger of being closed down by his “business rival” Dandy Dan. Enter baby-faced Bugsy Malone, a killer with the ladies and a definite asset to Fat Sam. Unfortunately, Bugsy has also caught the eye of Sam’s girlfriend Tallulah – though he’s set his designs on showgirl Blousey Brown…

This is a wonderful show. On the Monday performance I attended a big cast with many songs and dance numbers will take you back to the days of prohibition with wonderful song & dance numbers from the talented: The talents are so many I would be remiss if I didn’t mention them. William Havranek(Fizzy) & Caroline Austin(Fizzy’s Dance Partner) , Julian Worth/Aubrey Blount’s(Bugsy Malone), Nikki Amico/Logan White’s (Tallulah or Sanke Eyes) and Meghan Mack/Eleanor Burling’s (Blousey Brown). Josh Turner/Avery Gray as (Dandy Dan & Ritzy) and Aidan White/Duncan Turner play (Fat Sam or Angelo). Also with strong performances are: Stephen Porter (Roxy Robinson), JoAnna Wickliffe (Bronx Charlie), Kat Amato (Laughing Boy) and Parker Pineda (Benny Lee). Clara Corl as (Yonkers, Sarah Atkinson as (Barber), Tyler Rulapaugh as (Flash Frankie) And Samaria Dellorso as (Ma Becker). Emily Flack as (Louella), Anna Bozard as (Tillie) and Halena Early as (Loretta) along with Kate Vaughan as (Dotty), Hannah Berdon as (Bangles) and Caroline Austin as (Velma). Also are: Lauren Watson (Billie), Brendan DeBie (Knuckles), Sam Poole (Doodle), Pete Peterson (Paperboy), Katie Connor (Radio Announcer), Emma Kelly/Claire Havranik (Louis or Lena Marelli), Anna Brown (Waitress), Ashley Hildreth (Butler), Grace Frerichs (Opera Singer), J.P. Havranek (Oscar De Velt), Lucy Roberts (The Great Marbini), Anna Brown (Comic), Magnolia Totaro (Ventriloquist), Jacques Worth (Puppet), Chris Corl (Lena’s Bodyguard) Calla Totaro (Clipboard Willy), Victgoria Rulapaugh (Nun).

Bugsy Malone is wonderfully directed by John Waldron with Co-Producers Vero Autphenne & Patti Turner. What a miraculous job you all did with bringing these kids’ talents out. Wonderful music by Melissa Mino and choreography by Michael Page & Shelagh Roberts.

This show must be seen! All the local talent in the Mt. Vernon area are on this stage to entertain you.

Note From the Director

What do the classics, Pink Floyd’s 1982 film adaptation of the Wall, Silence of the Lambs, Charles in Charge (yes, in some circles that is considered a classic) and Kermit the Frog’s beloved song ‘Rainbow Connection’ have in common? They have roots in the talent that helped create them with the 1976 children’s musical gangster film Bugsy Malone.

Alan Parker, who would later go on to direct such films as Fame, The Commitments, Mississippi Burning, Evita, and The Wall, was about to direct his first feature film and wanted to be something his children would enjoy. His eldest son suggested a cast featuring only children.

He cast unknown actor Scott Baio, who would go on to Happy Days, Charles in Charge, Arrested Development, and Diagnosis: Murder. He also cast a young actress, who already received critical acclaim for her role in Taxi Driver, Jodi Foster, who would go on to win Academy Awards for Best Actress in The Accused and Silence of the Lambs.

To write music he enlisted the talents of Paul Williams who wrote numerous hit songs including The Carpenter’s Rainy Days and Monday’s and the wedding standard We’ve Only Just Begun. He had already done some film work, writing and starring in Brian DePalma’s cult classic, The Phantom Paradise. He would also write, several years later, the soundtrack to The Muppet Movie including Rainbow Connection.

Bugsy Malone is a film that many Generation X’rs remember fondly for not being your typical condescending children’s movie of that time. It is a great pleasure to help introduce the play to a new generation. The tagline for Bugsy Malone was, “Every year brings a great movie. Every decade a great movie musical!” We have all worked hard to present you with a great musical theater experience.

– John Waldron, Director

Photo Gallery

Blousey by Eleanor Burling Bugsy; Aubrey Blount
Blousey by Eleanor Burling
Bugsy; Aubrey Blount
Eleanor Burling (Blousey Brown), Aubrey Blount (Bugsy Malone) Emma Kelly (Louis), Brendan DeBie (Knuckles), Aidan White (Fat Sam)
Eleanor Burling (Blousey Brown), Aubrey Blount (Bugsy Malone)
Emma Kelly (Louis), Brendan DeBie (Knuckles), Aidan White (Fat Sam)
Logan White (Tallulah) Tallullah by Logan White and Chorus Girls
Logan White (Tallulah)
Tallullah by Logan White and Chorus Girls
William Havranek (Fizzy)
William Havranek (Fizzy)

Photos by Kathy Brown


  • Director: John Waldron
  • Co-Producers: Vero Autphenne & Patti Turner
  • Executive Producer: Kacie Greenwood
  • Music Director: Melissa Mino
  • Choreographers: Michael Page & Shelagh Roberts
  • Stage Manager: Corey Latta
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Peter Serle
  • Publicity: Lori Rulapaugh
  • Costumers: Jennifer Corl & Sandra Edens
  • Props: Kelly Hayden, Susie Poole, Robin Pineda
  • Set Construction: Stuart Travis, Lee Blount, Rock Vaughn
  • Lighting Design: Rachel Lau
  • Sound Design: Jon Poole
  • Lighting & Sound Assistant: Hannah Lau
  • Set Painting: Susie Poole, Rock Vaughn, Lee Blount, Susan Driscoll-Blount, Gerry DeBie
  • Set Dresssing: Susie Poole, Lauren Tucker, CaroCoyle, Lee Blount, Kelly Hayden
  • Monitor Coordinator: Jamie Mack
  • Usher Coordinator: Kathy Havranek
  • Tech Week Dinner: Anne Burling & Paige Totaro
  • Concessions: Bill & Lindsey Austin
  • Cast Party: Karen Kelly, Jennifer DeBie, Leland Atkinson
  • Opening Night Reception: Erin White & Susan Driscoll-Blount
  • T-Shirts: Kara Amato & Stephanie Flack
  • Photography: Kathy Brown
  • Cast Board: Isabel Walls
  • Program Design: Kristie Hildreth

Disclaimer: Aldersgate Church Community Theater provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review. The reviewer is a member of this church, and is related to the Executive Producer of this show. An earlier version of this article did not make that clear; ShowBizRadio apologizes for that oversight.

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