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The Comedy & Mystery Society

By • Dec 24th, 2010 • Category: Reviews
Comedy & Mystery Society
Performance schedule not set yet for 2011
Gaithersburg Arts Barn, Gaithersburg, MD
2:00, with one intermission
Reviewed December 15th, 2010

The Comedy and Mystery Society performs magic tricks while making you laugh. And they succeeded in their goal. The performers vary at each show. We saw performances by Bob Sheets, Mark Phillips, Brian Curry, George Wu and Nick DeCiutiis. They were tricks of all types to confuse and delight the small audience that came out on a frigidly cold Wednesday night to see the comedians use slight of hand to make the cards, coins, nerf balls, and pea cups jump from one side to the other and disappear only to reappear in an audience member’s hand.

That night’s audience was small enough that we all were able to sit on the stage in a semi-circle to allow a close up view of performers. Even though the audience was small they warmed up to the laughter on stage. Some of the magicians also needed some time to warm up, and a larger, more relaxed audience would help the atmosphere. Audience participation was key as well, and it was fun to watch your fellow victims, errr, that is your fellow audience members, try to figure out each trick. It was an enjoyable evening that entertained everybody. The show ran just under two hours with one intermission. Look for their postcards or join their mailing list to find out when they will next be performing at the Arts Barn in 2011.

The evening was educational as well, as we learned about three card monte and the shell game. Always remember: Do Not Play This For Money!

Disclaimer: The Comedy & Mystery Society provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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