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Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre Me and My Girl

By • Oct 27th, 2010 • Category: Reviews
Me and My Girl by L. Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber
Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre
Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre, Lorton, VA
Through November 28th
2:30 with one intermission
$41.95 – $44.95/$35 Ages 11-15/$25 Children
Reviewed October 19th, 2010

Me and My Girl is a musical with book and lyrics by L. Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber. Similar to My Fair Lady, Me and My Girl tells the story of a cockney lad who suddenly inherits an earldom with all the trimmings. He must give up his ties to his old life, which include his girlfriend, to learn how to become a refined gentleman. This is a funny, lighthearted comedy with the right touch of song and dance to make you smile.

Ryan Schaffer seemed very much to enjoy his role as Bill Snibson. His quirkiness as he sailed around (and sometimes through) various props and set pieces was amusing. Snyder was full of energy, never still in one place. His kindness and compassion was clear for his girlfriend whom he refused to abandon, Sally Smith, played by Kristen Jepperson. Jepperson came across as a no nonsense girl who was very down to earth. She had a soft spot for Bill and was willing to sacrifice her happiness in order to help him. Her tap numbers were strong and her voice carried for the most part out to the audience. Katherine Lipovsky as Lady Jacqueline Carstone was the embodiment of a snooty English lady. Her desire for Bill to become the Earl drove her throughout the show, yet her compassion and desire for love herself broke through as she realized that Bill couldn’t be happy without Sally. Lyle Blake Smythers as Sir John Tremane was a realist and a hopeless romantic throughout. He supported and cared for Sally, even to the point of helping her with langauge lessons from a professor he knew that had done it before, one of several amusing references to My Fair Lady.

Overall the technical aspects for the show were solid. As you are eating your dinner you are looking at the set, made up of a car obviously built out of smaller building blocks. During the opening song, the car is dismantled and the parts used as props. And in the second act, Schaffer bemoans the history of his family he’s learning, but luckily the painting of his ancestors come to help him in a fun number. There were a few times when the action was happening in the center section of the stage and the lights may have come up late. One scary moment occurred when the set was rotated on its lazy susan (hence the name of the theater), the lights came up on the actors, and then the set moved some more. No one was hurt and the actors went right on as if nothing had happened (except for the brief look of terror on some faces). The ensemble cast had an energy and looked like they were having a great time. Kathleen McCormack’s choreography was very energetic, and included several different styles of dance.

This is a fun, upbeat show appropriate for the whole family.


  • Bill Snibson: Ryan Schaffer
  • Sally Smith: Kristen Jepperson
  • Lady Jaqueline Carstone: Katherine Lipovsky
  • The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke: Casey Fero
  • Cedric Parchester, Family Solicitor: Eric Trumbull
  • Maria, Duchess of Dene: Tricia Jarrell, Cathy Kidwell
  • Sir John Tremane: Lyle Blake Smythers
  • Lord Battersby: Frank Bennett
  • Lady Battersby/Mrs. Brown: Denise Bennett
  • Charles Hethersett, The Butler: Aaron Richardson
  • Ensemble: Kimberely Braswell, Michael Colby, Brittany Dunbar,Kathleen McCormack, Samantha Nichols, George Rouse, Kayce Schaffer, Russell Silber, Joshua Smith, Amy Wolf

Understudies & Swings

  • Bill Snibson: Michael Colby
  • Sally Smith: Kathleen McCormack
  • Jaqueline Carstone: Amy Wolf
  • Gerald Bolingbroke: Joshua Smith
  • Maria, Duchess of Dene: Denise Bennett
  • Cedric Parcester: Frank Bennett
  • Lady Battersby: Samantha Nichols

Production Staff

  • Director: Hans Bachmann
  • Musical Director: John Edward Niles
  • Choreographer: Kathleen McCormack
  • Vocal Director: Lori Roddy
  • Lighting Designer: Jeanne Forbes
  • Stage Manager: George Rouse
  • Set Construction: George Rouse
  • Set Painting/Set Dressing: Karol Kaldenbach, Linda Shaw
  • Technical Staff: Aaron Forbes, Jeanne Forbes, Jesse Forbes, Greg Lee

Disclaimer: Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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