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Little Theatre of Alexandria Company

By • Jul 23rd, 2010 • Category: Reviews
Little Theatre of Alexandria
Little Theatre of Alexandria, Alexandria, VA
Through August 7th
2:30, with one intermission
Reviewed July 17th, 2010

The Little Theatre of Alexandria opens their season with Stephen Sondheim’s musical Company. Company revolves around bachelor Robert and the company he keeps, both a set of married and unmarried friends, as he celebrates his 35th birthday.

Patrick McMahan was the soul-searching Robert, and was quite convincing as he navigated the hurdles his friends kept putting in front of him. His scene with April (Maureen Reed) was very funny, the couple had a nice rapport. Each couple was very realistic, with numerous mannerisms and quirks that made each couple feel quite familiar. Each set of relationships highlighted a different orientation from Robert.

MYKE’s (sic) set design was functional and showed just enough of each couple’s apartment to give a sense of the couple, although at times felt a bit crowded when all the couples were on stage together. Ken and Patti Crowley’s light design was varied, ranging from harsh lights directly overhead to a softer, wider wash. A few times the orchestra (conducted by Christopher A. Tomasino) overpowered the voices of the singers, but most songs were well performed. Several times performers started speaking their lines immediately after singinging a song, not waiting for the applause to die down.

Overall, Company was an enjoyable evening, and will be especially appealing to those who haven’t yet decided if they should be looking for Miss (or Mr.) Right. Company contains adult language and situations.

Director’s Notes

Company is one man’s journey…a man who is trying to figure out who he is and where going in his life. He looks to his married friends for guidance, wanting what they have but afraid to make the necessary commitment to get it. He tries to deal with understanding the unconditional love and acceptance that is so necessary to ant lasting intimate relationship.

In an interview with director Sam Mendes, Stephen Sondheim said Company “was the first commercial piece, I believe that was non-linear…so the idea of a piece about commitment and non-commitment, fear of commitment, emotional commitment, seemed appropriate… There’s a model for every single person in Company… It’s something that takes place inside the hero’s head… Here’s a piece about this man and it’s taking place inside his head and he’s in trouble… Now let’s see what happens.”

Through each of these married couples, as well as his three current girlfriends, Bobby learns something relationships. Hopefully realizing tht just because a relationship isn’t always good, or always perfect, or always easy, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. These are real, human characters we have all met in our lives. Maybe we even see ourselves in one or two of them.

There’s something about the journey Bobby is making in this musical. It’s like a passage through different moments in our lives, where he learns something new from each couple-something about love, about passion, and compassion, about understanding and consideration, about acceptance, about forgiveness, and ultimately about not fearing love, but taking that risk.

Thank you to LTA and the Board of Governors for giving me the opportunity to direct this production. I’ve been lucky to have three amazingly patient, supportive and encouraging producers in Rance, Bobbie, and Sharon. Our designers astounded me with their imaginative and inventive ideas every time we met. Working again with Chris and Kay has been a lesson in creativity, resourcefulness, and inspiration! Also, thanks to Sheila and Christine for managing this cast and this production so well with firm and steady hands- and to their ASMs as well. Thank you to Nicky for her insight and intuitive perceptions and to the many others who worked behind the scenes to make this production happen. Finally, a million thanks, appreciation and gratitude goes from me to every member of this cast. To assemble 15 people at the first read through, learn with them, grow with them, laugh with them and cry with them, and create with them has been an experience I will never forget. This cast’s perseverance, commitment, energy, and talents are unmatched. I’m very honored to have had this opportunity to work with them…”and that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it?”

-Joanna Henry

Photo Gallery

Patrick McMahan (Bobby) Ronnie Hardcastle (Larry), Karen Jadlos Shotts (Joanne), and Patrick McMahan (Bobby)
Patrick McMahan (Bobby)
Ronnie Hardcastle (Larry), Karen Jadlos Shotts (Joanne), and Patrick McMahan (Bobby)
Jennifer Lyons Pagnard (Susan), Lars Klores (Peter), Corinne Baker (Marta), Patrick McMahan (Bobby) Patrick McMahan (Bobby) and Maureen Reed (April)
Jennifer Lyons Pagnard (Susan), Lars Klores (Peter), Corinne Baker (Marta), Patrick McMahan (Bobby)
Patrick McMahan (Bobby) and Maureen Reed (April)
Nathan Tatro (David), Jean Koppen (Jenny), and Patrick McMahan (Bobby)
Nathan Tatro (David), Jean Koppen (Jenny), and Patrick McMahan (Bobby)

Photos by Susan Braun for the Little Theatre of Alexandria.


  • Robert: Patrick McMahan
  • Sarah: Dana Joel Gattuso
  • Harry: Arnold Pascucci
  • Susan: Jennifer Lyons Pagnard
  • Peter: Lars Klores
  • Jenny Jean Koppen
  • David: Nathan Tatro
  • Amy: Sara Jane Lilley
  • Paul: Mark Gray-Mendes
  • Joanne: Karen Jadlos Shotts
  • Larry: Ronnie Hardcastle (July 16, 17, 20-22, 27, 29, Aug. 1, 4, 6)
  • Larry: Jerry Hoffman (July 15, 18, 23-25, 28, 30, Aug. 2, 5, 7)
  • Kathy: Christina Matula
  • Marta: Corinne Baker
  • April: Maureen Reed

The Company Orchestra

  • Conductor: Christopher A. Tomasino
  • Reed 1: Gwyn Jones
  • Reed II: Sean Delany, Mila Weiss
  • Reed III: Dana Gardner
  • Trumpet: Terry Bradley, Paul Weiss
  • Trombone: Chris Bradley, Scott Fridy, Harold Rhoads
  • Keyboard I: Walter “Bobby” McCoy
  • Keyboard II: Julio Diaz
  • Bass: David Burrelli
  • Percussion: Matt Hardy, Bill Wolski


  • Producers: Sharon Field, Bobbie Herbst and Rance Willis
  • Director: Joanna Hardy
  • Assistant to the Director: Nicky McDonnell
  • Musical Director: Christopher A. Tomasino
  • Choreographer: Kay Casstevens
  • Stage Combat Choreographer: Steve Lada
  • Stage Managers: Christine Farrell and Sheila Price
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Jim Hutzler and Carly Maalouf
  • Set Decoration: Nancyanne Burton, Jean and Allen Stuhl
  • Set Design: MYKE
  • Set Construction: Chris Feldman
  • Assisted by: Bret Alexander, John Beahler, Jum Hutzler, Bob King, Jeff Nesmeyer, Clarence Parrish, Dan Remmers, Jack Schaeffer, Allen Stuhl, Rance Willis, Jerry Wolf
  • Set Painting: Mary Hutzler
  • Assisted by: Elizabeth Herbst, Jim Hutzler, Jayn Rife
  • Lighting Design: Ken and Patti Crowley
  • Master Electrician: Nancy Owens
  • Assisted by: Casey Brusnahan, Eileen Doherty, Elizabeth Herbst, Pam Leonowich, Liz Owens, Dick Schwab
  • Sound Design: David Correia
  • Assisted by: Kevin Bell, David Hale, Bill Rinehuls, William Walsh, Alan Wray
  • Property Design: Joanne Tompkins and Nicole Zuchetto
  • Assisted by Rachel Alberts, Maya Brettell, Carol Hutchinson, Rebecca Johnson, Leslie Reed, Donna Reynolds
  • Costume Design: Jean Schlichting and Kit Sibley
  • Wardrobe: Barbara Helsing and Margaret Snow
  • Assisted by: Jamie Blake, Kira Davis, Kath Dillaber, Penny Griffin, Elise Kolle, Rachel Pharr, Ashley Post
  • Makeup and Hair: Bette Williams
  • Rigging: Russell Wyland
  • Photographer: Shane Canfield
  • Auditions: David Correia, Sharon Field, Bobbie Herbst and Rance Willis
  • Audition Accompanist and Rehearsal Pianist: Walter “Bobby” McCoy
  • Dance Captain: Arnold Pascucci
  • Double Tech Dinner: Eddie Page
  • Assisted by: Julie Adams, William Adams, Rebecca Johnson. Susie Poole
  • Opening night Party: Russell Wyland
  • Assisted by: Carol Hutchinson, Rebecca Johnson

Disclaimer: Little Theatre of Alexandria provided a complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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