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Fauquier Community Theatre The Fantasticks

By • May 20th, 2010 • Category: Reviews
The Fantasticks
Fauquier Community Theatre
Fauquier Community Theatre, Warrenton, VA
Through May 23
$17/$16 Seniors and Students
Reviewed May 15, 2010

“And what was last night scenic, may seem cynic by today.” Sadly, this is an adequate description of how I felt the morning after watching The Fantasticks at Fauquier Community Theatre.

I had high hopes with this show as El Gallo strolled onto the stage, but my expecations were not met as I saw two actors portraying children prance about in an uncoordinated manner. The playing between the two looked messy and overacted, and overall just too unreal. I understood it is a musical and a sense of unreality must be accounted for, however, this might have been because the actors were not given enough direction or were not able to capture the realism of playing children.

As El Gallo, Peter Fakoury was great! It was obvious that he was no stranger to the stage. He was sure to use the entire stage very well, and his soothing baritone voice was very enjoyable. As the girl Luisa, Valarie Kerby was frilly and bright. Her vocals were great, except for when she would be in her upper register. Most of her high notes were sharp, still, her vocals were the best of the cast. Addison Hoff as the boy Matt was enjoyable, however, his vocals seemed to be a bit lacking. Though his vocals weren’t horrible, for a male lead I expected them to be louder and more powerful. At times, some of his lyrics were lost because the piano would overpower him, which could have been easily solved had Hoff projected a bit more. Kerby and Hoff together had great chemistry and energy. They played off each other pretty well.

The best vocals of the night, however, did not come from Kerby, instead it came in the form of a duet between El Gallo and Matt. “I Can See It” was one of the only numbers in which I can honestly say I enjoyed each voice. Though it seemed that Hoff was holding back a bit physically, Fakoury was visually stimulating enough to successfully accomplish the number.

As The Mute, Clare Galvin was amazing. Even though she didn’t talk at all, she always seemed to steal each scene. Her comedic timing and fantastic facial expressions added so much to the show. There were times when Galvin was put in a weak spot on stage, such as upstage left under dim lighting, but she still managed to catch my attention without taking away from the show.

On the technical aspects of the show, everything was pretty successful. Pianists Meredyth Stirling and Dale Yaeger controlled the rythem of the show. It was nice to see that the director decided to use live music, rather than a recording. It was also wonderful that both El Gallo and the Mute played various percussion instruments thoughout the show. The light design by Tim Kirk was very attractive. There were clear distinctions between when the moon was out, and when it was day. Kirk also directed the special effects that allowed for a shower of bubbles to fall from the fly space. It was visually pleasing and added so much to the scenes in which they fell.

The audience was very enthusiastic, cheering for everything and anything, and at times made me lose track of what was going on. Once the show was done, I was satisfied with the production, but when I went through the things that were good, and those that weren’t so good, that feeling was lost. Still, it was an enjoyable night and I commend the Fauquier Community Theatre for their interpretation of The Fantasticks.

The Cast

  • The Narrator (El Gallo): Peter Fakoury
  • The Mute: Clare Galvin
  • The Girl (Luisa): Valerie Kerby
  • The Boy (Matt): Addison Hoff
  • The Boy’s Father (Hucklebee): Evan Jones
  • The Girl’s Father (Bellomy): Mike Stirling
  • The Old Actor (Henry): Jack Seeley
  • The Man Who Dies (Mortimer): Tim Hickling
  • The Spare Indian (Charlie): Kirk Noé

The Production Staff

  • Director: Martha Lynch
  • Assistant Director: Karin Kerby
  • Producer: Susan Noé
  • Pianists: Dale Yaeger, Meredyth Stirling
  • Vocal Coaches: Ken Galvin, Sarah LaFantasie
  • Choreographers: Martha Lynch, Sandy Steinmeyer, Barbara Gallagher
  • Lighting Design: Tim Kirk
  • Set Design: Tim Kirk & Martha Lynch
  • Costume Design: Susan Noé
  • Properties: Peter Fakoury, Martha Lynch, Susan Noé
  • Seamstresses: Susan Noé, Hannah Ballinger, Teena Stevic
  • Make-up Design: Carrie Parsons
  • Special Effects: Tim Kirk
  • Set Painting: Martha Lynch, Susan Noé, Chris Noé, Kirk Noé
  • Set Construction: Tim Kirk, Kirk Noé
  • Stage Manager: Hannah Ballinger
  • Stage Crew: Leah Ballinger
  • Tech Crew: Tim Kirk, Kirk Noé, Kerry Campbell
  • Opening Night Reception: Susan Noé & Hannah Ballinger
  • Photography: Evelyn Rice
  • Publicity: Susan Noé
  • Box Office Manager: Christie Clark
  • House Manager: Evelyn Rice

Disclaimer: Fauquier Community Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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