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Little Theatre of Alexandria Scapino!

By • Jan 20th, 2010 • Category: Reviews
Scapino! By: Frank Dunlop and Jim Dale
Little Theatre of Alexandria
Little Theatre of Alexandria, Alexandria, VA
Through February 6th
2:00 with one intermission

Reviewed January 16th, 2010

Picture a café in Italy….. lovers, spaghetti, singing waiters, gypsies, Hannibal Lector……..okay this is just getting weird, as is the latest show put on by the Little theatre of Alexandria, Scapino!. Motivated by improve and audience interaction, Scapino! consists of unruly characters and delivers many unexpected moments. Scapino!, based off of 16th century commedia dell’arte, is about a servant named Scapino who outsmarts his superiors and everyone around him only to create confusion and hopefully gain a profit. Scapino then flees the situation or pleads innocent to any kind of accusation. In this case in particular, Scapino outsmarts his masters and tangles between lovers to get what he needs.

Everyone in this large cast was very committed; their energy was infectious keeping the audience engaged in the show. Many times cast members would walk up and down the aisles encouraging the audience to participate and have a good time. Marianne Meyers led the cast as the wise cracking Scapino. Meyers gave a pretty solid performance, her physical and vocal expressions were spot on. Liz Owens as Scapino’s sidekick Sylvestro delivered many humorous moments, one in particular in which she was dressed in disguise as part of one of Scapino’s schemes to which she received applause from the audience. Joe Randazzo as Leandro who was fearless in his comedic delivery, provided much laughter even after the show was over. Many were able to shine individually throughout the show such as Jeffry Hoffman who belted a beautiful tune as the singing waiter, Elizabeth Replogle as a juggling waitress and Matthew Scarborough with his spectacular table cloth trick.

The cast as a whole seemed to be having a good time on stage, with nothing to be taken too seriously. Looks of confusion often came over those from the audience because of the completely outrageous and random moments that often came up throughout the play such as the entire cast randomly breaking out into the YMCA dance. The comedy was a little too desperate at times, but it was all in good fun, the cast was able to keep the energy going. Don’t come to the show expecting any kind of solid plot line or structure cause you won’t find it in Scapino! cause anything goes!

Director’s Notes

Two of the familiar plays written by the 17th century playwright Moliere are Tartuffe and The Miser. Moliere often played the lead in his own productions. His play, The Impostures of Scapin, which premiered in 1671 in France, is not as familiar to current audiences. However, in 1974, New York was treated to the show in contemporary light in the guise of Scapino! Jim Dale and Frank Dunlop took the familiar commedia dell’arte plot line and created a rousing farce for a newer audience. New York and the critics loved its silliness and unexpected moments.

Imagine a traveling troupe of players going from town to town bringing everything they need to do a show anywhere they can find and literally unfolding the story and the set. This is the backdrop for this production of Scapino! The cast is here to entertain, make you laugh and generally to be very silly. So enjoy yourself and PARTICIPATE! It’s the best way to keep warm on a cold winter’s night. -Rick Hayes

Photo Gallery

Ric Anderson (Carlo) and Liz Owens (Sylvestro) Steve Rosenthal (Argante) and Marianne Meyers (Scapino)
Ric Anderson (Carlo) and Liz Owens (Sylvestro)
Steve Rosenthal (Argante) and Marianne Meyers (Scapino)
Ron Bianchi (Geronte) and Marianne Meyers (Scapino) Liz Owens (Sylvestro), Ric Anderson (Carlo), Juliana Ejedoghaobi (Zerbinetta)
Ron Bianchi (Geronte) and Marianne Meyers (Scapino)
Liz Owens (Sylvestro), Ric Anderson (Carlo), Juliana Ejedoghaobi (Zerbinetta)
(Top) Liz Owens (Sylvestro) and Marianne Meyers (Scapino) – (Bottom) Paul Laudiero (Ottavio) and Lucy Rojansky (Giacinta) Marianne Meyers (Scapino), Joe Randazzo (Leandro), Paul Laudiero (Ottavio), Mary Ayala-Bush (Nurse)
(Top) Liz Owens (Sylvestro) and Marianne Meyers (Scapino) – (Bottom) Paul Laudiero (Ottavio) and Lucy Rojansky (Giacinta)
Marianne Meyers (Scapino), Joe Randazzo (Leandro), Paul Laudiero (Ottavio), Mary Ayala-Bush (Nurse)

Photos by Doug Olmsted for The Little Theatre of Alexandria.

The Cast

  • A waitress: Rebecca Fischler
  • Waitresses: Liliya Brantley and Elizabeth Replogle
  • Carlo: Ric Andersen
  • Head Waiter: Matthew Scarborough
  • Waiter: Jerry Hoffman
  • Slyvestro: Liz Owens
  • Ottavio: Paul Laudiero
  • Scapino: Marianne Meyers
  • Giacinta: Lucy Rojansky
  • Argante: Steve Rosenthal
  • Geronte: Ron Bianchi
  • Leandro: Joe Randazzo
  • Zerbinetta: Juliana Ejedoghaobi
  • Nurse: Mary Ayala-Bush

The Crew

  • Producer: Carol Strachan
  • Director: Rick Hayes
  • Stage Managers: Jerry Dale, Charles Dragonette
  • Set Design: Rick Hayes, Dan Remmers
  • Set Construction: Dan Remmers
  • Assisted by: Chris Feldman, Bob King, Jack Schaeffer
  • Set Painting: One Brick
  • Light Design: Michael Null
  • Assisted by: Rick Hayes, Eileen Doherty, Pam Leonowich, Doug Olmsted, Liz and Nancy Owens, Dick Schwab, Sherry Singer
  • Sound Design: Alan Wray
  • Assisted by: Eleni Aldridge, Dave Correira, Charles Dragonette, Eileen Doherty, Anna Hawkins, Alan Wray
  • Costume Design: Kathy Dodson
  • Wardrobe: Barbra Helsing, Margaret Snow
  • Assisted by: Rachel Alberts, Patty Greksouk, Bobbie Herbt, Annie Vroom
  • Makeup and Hair Design: The Paul Mitchell School of Makeup and Hair Design
  • Assisted by( make up): Kristi Faha, Rick Hayes
  • Assisted by (hair): Bette Williams
  • Properties Design: Ceci Albert
  • Assisted by: Philip Campbell, Rebecca Johnson, Leslie Reed, Jayn Rife
  • Musical Assistance: Chris Tomasino
  • Photography: Doug Olmstead
  • Double Tech Dinner: Rick Warfield
  • Opening Night Party: Laurel Summerfield
  • Assisted by: Lloyd Bittinger, Jake Moragn, Scott Cook, Robert Kraus, Margie Remmers
  • Auditions: Angela Cannon, Betty Dolan, Sharon Dove, Jayn Rife

Disclaimer: Little Theatre of Alexandria provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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