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Little Theatre of Alexandria The Art of Murder

By • Nov 13th, 2009 • Category: Reviews
The Art of Murder by Joe DiPietro
Little Theatre of Alexandria
Little Theatre of Alexandria, Alexandria, VA
Through November 21st
1:40 with one intermission
Reviewed November 11th, 2009

The Art of Murder is a dark comedy in two acts by Joe DiPietro. An eccentric painter, his wife, their housekeeper, and an unethical art dealer all spin a web of murder and mystery in order to succeed in the cut-throat art world. This is the fourth production of The Art of Murder in the DC region in the past year.

This production had great pacing, with the entire performance running well under two hours. All the action and drama kept the audience in suspense throughout the entire show. Director C. Evans Kirk has fashioned a dramatic twisting story that will keep you guessing.

Brandon DeGroat was the eccentric and somewhat unbalanced artist Jack Brooks. Jack’s arrogance and selfishness were captured perfectly by DeGroat. The slimy art dealer Vincent Cummings was played excellently by Carl Nubile. Nubile’s flair for the dramatic was hysterical, with an excellent sense of timing. Nubile was fully engaged in the drama unfolding onstage and drew the audience in as well. Nubile seemed to be constantly on edge.

The real leaders of the evening were the two females: Annie Brooks and Kate.

Jack’s wife Annie was played by Danielle Eure as a seductress with a sense of innocence and malice. Her glide as she walked around the stage was mesmerizing. Eure’s sultry voice and fiery passion made her scarier than poor Jack’s explosive bursts of anger. Her pacing and countering of Vincent kept the action heightened the entire performance.

Kate the housekeeper (and closet chemist) was played by Nicole White. White did fairly well with the Irish accent, although it was not very strong. White’s Kate was presented with requisite simplicity, although the inner layers that were revealed were surprising.

The lighting effects (Liz Owens and Nancy Owens) were well designed, with touches of verisimilitude like the car’s headlights panning across the oversized living room windows. The set (C. Evans Kirk) was extremely detailed, incoporating Dan Remmers‘ isolation tank effectively.

The Art of Murder was a great evening of acting, art, murder, and laughter. This show does contain brief nudity and gun shots.

Director’s Notes

Celebrity: n. Plural -ties. 1. a famous or well-known person. 2. fame; renown.

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No, these are not amde-up articles! These and more were found on the Internet one night. Go ahead and look them up when you get home…you know you want to!

Tonight, we invite you to spend an evening with Jack and his wife, Annie. He’s hot and famous…he’s a celebrity artist. And what is his art about? Well…you’ll discover many secrets in the next two hours. Be ready to be seduced!

Photo Gallery

Carl Nubile (Vincent Cumming) and Danielle Eure (Annie Brooks) Brandon DeGroat (Jack Brooks), Carl Nubile (Vincent Cumming), and Danielle Eure (Annie Brooks)
Carl Nubile (Vincent Cumming) and Danielle Eure (Annie Brooks)
Brandon DeGroat (Jack Brooks), Carl Nubile (Vincent Cumming), and Danielle Eure (Annie Brooks)
Carl Nubile (Vincent Cumming), Brandon DeGroat (Jack Brooks), and Danielle Eure (Annie Brooks) Danielle Eure (Annie Brooks) and Nicole White (Kate)
Carl Nubile (Vincent Cumming), Brandon DeGroat (Jack Brooks), and Danielle Eure (Annie Brooks)
Danielle Eure (Annie Brooks) and Nicole White (Kate)
Brandon DeGroat (Jack Brooks) and Danieel Eure (Annie Brooks)
Brandon DeGroat (Jack Brooks) and Danieel Eure (Annie Brooks)

Photos by Sheila Price for the Little Theatre of Alexandria


  • Jack Brooks: Brandon DeGroat
  • Annie Brooks: Danielle Eure
  • Vincent Cumming: Carl Nubile
  • Kate: Nicole White

Production Staff

  • Director: C. Evans Kirk
  • Producers: Robin Parker and Kevin O’Dowd
  • Assistant Producer: Jamie Blake
  • Art Consultant: Margaret Evans-Joyce
  • Stage Managers: Margaret Evans-Joyce and Heather Franklin
  • Set Design: C. Evans Kirk
  • Isolation Tank Design: Dan Remmers
  • Set Construction: Dan Remmers
  • Assisted By: Gail Cafardi, Bob King, Jeff Nesmeyer, Jack Schaeffer, Jerry Wolf
  • Painting: Kevin O’Dowd
  • Assisted By: Jame Blake and Dutch O’Dowd
  • Set Dressing: LeeAnne Buckley
  • Assisted By: Philip Campbell and Tracy Parker
  • Costume Design: Annie Vroom
  • Wardrobe: Patty Greksouk
  • Assisted By: Martha Crowley, Barbara Helsing, Rebecca Johnson, Margaret Snow
  • Properties: Margaret Snow
  • Assisted By: Jamie Blake, Philip Campbell, Betty Dolan, Sharen Dove, Patty Greksouk, Rebecca Johnson, and Bob van Eimen
  • Lighting Design: Liz Owens and Nancy Owens
  • Master Electrician: Richard Schwab
  • Assisted By: Lesley Buckles, Casey Brushnahan, Eileen Doherty, Pam Leonwich, Ari McSherry, Kira Simon
  • Sound Design: Anna Hawkins
  • Assisted By: Keith Bell, Casey Brushnahan, Jim Carmalt, Dave Correia, Bill Rinehuls
  • Shoe Collage: Robin Parker and Tracy Parker
  • Effects Makeup Advisor: Brittani Strickland
  • Audition Photographer: David Correia
  • Audition Tables: Jamie Blake and Margaret Snow
  • Show Photographer: Sheila Price
  • Double Tech Dinner: Cast and Crew
  • Opening Night Party: Mary And Pete O’konski
  • Assisted By: Marian Holmes and Virginia Lacey

Disclaimer: Little Theatre of Alexandria provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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