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Rockville Musical Theatre Hello, Dolly!

By • Jul 14th, 2009 • Category: Reviews
Hello, Dolly!
Rockville Musical Theatre
F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre, Rockville, MD
$20 Adults/$18 Seniors/$16 Students
Playing through July 26th
Reviewed July 11th, 2009

RMT’s production of Hello Dolly! was a crowd-pleaser, with plenty of complicated, extended, dance scenes and beautiful singing. There were a few minor problems; the most notable being all the singers could not be clearly heard all the time. I also felt that some of the dances went on too long, lengthening the show.

Hello, Dolly! follows the widow Dolly Gallagher Levi as she “meddles” with many people’s lives, through her matchmaking and other careers. Ariel Vinitsky as Dolly was convincing playing the matchmaker with all the connections in town. The milliner Ms. Molloy (Kristina Granados) and her assistant, Minnie Fay (LilyAnn Carlson), were amusing as the innocent women worried about appearances while Cornelius (Quinn McCord) and Barnaby (Charlie Polinger) were looking for wifes while hiding from their stern but well-meaning employer, Horace Vandergelder (Alden Michels), who was expecting to marry Ms. Molloy.

The set (designed by Bill Brown, assisted by Robert J. Jones and Deanna Cohen) was very flexible, with rotating platforms, multiple levels, and hiding places. The stage was used effectively, with several scenes taking place in front of the grand drape while major scenes changes were completed.

There were several long dance sequences, such as The Waiter’s Gallop in Act II, that were fun to watch, but felt gratuitous. A few of the waiters need to pay closer attention to their trays of glasses and dishes, as the illusion of balancing the items was shattered when the tray tilted perpendicular to the floor without anything falling from the tray. Costumes (designed by Lee Michele Rosenthal) were bright and colorful.

The show ran nearly two and a half hours, with a long intermission. If you are a fan of classic Broadway musicals, you’ll love this show.


  • Dolly Gallagher Levi: Ariel Vinitsky
  • Horace Vandergelder: Alden Michels
  • Cornelius Hackl: Quinn McCord
  • Barnaby Tucker: Charlie Polinger
  • Irene Molloy: Kristina Granados
  • Minnie Fay: LilyAnn Carlson
  • Ambrose Kemper: Alex Witherow
  • Ermengarde: Courtney Basich
  • Ernestina: Susan-Lisa Gvinter
  • Mrs. Rose: Shirley Greenwald
  • Judge: John Davidson
  • Ensemble: Celia Blitzer, Eric Scerbo, Julia Donato, Patsy DiBella, Ariel White, Alexandra Ferentinos, Stephanie Offutt, Scott Beland, Erica Ferguson, Michael Smith, John Davidson, Neal Davidson, Brad Nguyen


  • Conductor/Keyboards: Leah Kocsis
  • Reeds: Mitch Bassman, Dana Gardner, Gwyn Jones, Renae Smith
  • Trumpet: Jessica Lake, Paul Weiss
  • Trombone: Rob Heim, Sarah Mortensen
  • Percussion: Rob Weber
  • Drums: Gregory Holloway
  • Bass: Gary R. Mauck


  • Producer: Andrew R. Dodge
  • Associate Producer: Duane Monahan
  • Director: Rachelle A. Horn
  • Musical director: Leah Kocsis
  • Choreographer: Richelle “Rikki” Howie
  • Technical Director: Robert J. Jones
  • Set Designer: Bill Brown, assisted by Robert J. Jones and Deanna Cohen
  • Lighting designer: Kim Haung
  • Lighting Crew: Noam Lautman
  • Costume Designer: Lee Michele Rosenthal, assisted by Celia Blitzer and Patsy Di Bella
  • Sound Designer: Daniel Tobiassen
  • Properties: Nancy McLaughlin, assisted by Edward and Emily McLaughlin
  • Hair/Makeup Designer: Renee Silverstone
  • Set Construction/Painting: Robert J. Jones, assisted by Mandy Smith, Christal Taylor, Ed Kelly, Robert R. Jones, Matt jones, Noam Lautman, Mark Lautman, Willy LaHood, Mike/Andrew/Mary Ellen Tarquino, Dave and Mary Robinson, Mike Morgan, Nancy McLaughlin, Timothy Hussey, Daniel Tobiassen, Duane Monahan, Edward McLaughlin, Mark Hamberger
  • Stage Mangers: Denise M. Gilmore, Maddy Grewell
  • Running Crew: Leah Hyman, Kyllie Castellanos, Vanessa Seay, Lorenza Gutierrez, Jessica pellack, Andrew Tarquinto, Timothy Hussey, and Christal Taylor
  • Audition Pianists: Marci Shegogue, Jennifer Johnson
  • Audition Assistants: Erin Hall Lashof, Robert J. Jones, Mandy Smith, Chridtal Taylor, Jon Wentzel
  • Photographer: Leo McDonald
  • House Manager: Sean Valentine
  • Program: Scott Richards
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