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Castaways Repertory Theatre Plaza Suite

By • May 11th, 2009 • Category: Reviews
Plaza Suite
Castaways Repertory Theatre
AJ Ferlazzo Building, Woodbridge, VA
$14/$11 Seniors and Students/$10 Matinee
Playing through May 16th
Reviewed May 8th, 2009

Plaza Suite is a play in three acts by Neil Simon. Each act takes place in room 719 of New York’s Plaza Hotel, with each act introducing us to new characters and situations, the only commonality is the hotel room itself.

Generally this humorous production was hampered by uneven performances from the actors. Almost everyone needed to be louder, several audience members near my seat also had trouble hearing the dialogue. Also, there were several scenes where the actors struggled with their lines.

Plaza Suite‘s “gimmick” is that it gives the lead actor and actress the opportunity to shine as a sharply different character in each of the three acts. Mary Brick was more successful at crafting her three characters than Greg Crowe was. Brick’s mannerisms as the wife, old flame, and harried mother were distinctive. Crowe’s characterization of the husband and frustrated father were fairly similar, while the producer was unique. In the supporting roles, Rich Prien and Melanie Gibson fleshed out each scene, without a lot of material to work with.

The unit set of the hotel room was adequate. While the set was definitely a hotel room, it was far too simple to suggest the opulence of the Plaza Hotel. The costumes and hair design fit each character’s attitudes pretty well, with a great deal of attention paid to each character. For example, Miss McCormack was in a colorful short dress, Kiplinger had long hippie hair, Mrs. Tate wore a conservative dress with gloves, and Mimsey’s wedding dress was eye catching, and fit in well with her mother and father.

Plaza Suite was another of Neil Simon’s trademark humor, a cerebral humor rather than slapstick comedy. The run time was two hours and fifteen minutes with two fifteen minute intermissions. It is playing through May 16. Fridays and Saturday at 8 PM at the A.J. Ferlazzo Building in Woodbridge, Virginia.

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And now on with the show.


  • Karen Nash, Muriel Tate, Norma Hubley: Mary Brick
  • Sam Nash, Jesse Kiplinger, Roy Hubley: Greg Crowe
  • Bellhop, Waiter, Borden Eisler: Richard Prien
  • Jean McCormack, Mimsey Hubley: Melanie Gibson


  • Producer/Director: Jan Dylewski
  • Stage Manager: Lynn Lacey
  • Set Design: Gavin Tameris
  • Master Carpenter: Gavin Tameris
  • Set Construction: Gavin Tameris, Lynn Taylor, Cast
  • Sound Design: Lynn Lacey
  • Light Design: Jan Dylewski
  • Sound Tech: Lynn Lacey
  • Light Tech: Lynn Taylor, Zina Bleck
  • Stage Crew: Amanda Howells, Justin Kyker, Sam Young, Casey Young, Cast
  • Front of House Coordinator: Kathy Sahlberg
  • Publicity: Don Wilson
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