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Nova Woodbridge Theatre Group Come Blow Your Horn

By • Apr 15th, 2009 • Category: Reviews
Come Blow Your Horn
Nova Woodbridge Theatre Group
Theater at NVCC, Woodbridge, VA
$10/$5 Students, Faculty/Staff, Children and Seniors
Playing through April 18th
Reviewed April 10th, 2009

Come Blow Your Horn is a Neil Simon’s first comedy. Alan and Buddy Baker have decided to leave their family’s waxed-fruit business and experience the good life. Alan is a ladies’ man, and his younger brother is a 21-year-old virgin. As the play progresses Alan falls in love with Connie, and when she leaves his life, he falls apart. While Alan mourns the loss of Connie, Buddy becomes a ladies’ man himself.

NWTG gave a performance that was a bit uneven, with some pacing issues, most notably between the two brothers. Alan, played by Clay Powell, and Buddy, played by Isaac Bennett, did not have a strong rapport and weren’t very believable as brothers. There were times when their dialog was slow and monotonous.

Jasmine Bull played Alan’s girlfriend Peggy Evans. Bull had a fairly convincing New York accent, which she pretty well maintained throughout the performance. Her sidelong glances and heightened sexuality made Buddy very uncomfortable while exciting Alan. Alan’s other girlfriend, Connie Dayton (played by Amanda Moore) had captured Alan’s heart and mind. Moore gave a solid performance that was perhaps a bit under dramatic. Her accent was difficult to place as well as maintain. Alan and Buddy’s traditional parents were very well cast. Henry Newman as the controlling father, and Becket Warren as the doting, emotional mother, created a very powerful couple that were overwhelming their sons with high expectations and little flexibility.

Jason Milton designed a pretty cool set of an apartment living room, with a nice view out the sole window. Set in the late 60’s with appropriately styled furniture, although there was one painting simply leaning against a wall on the floor for no clear reason. A nice effect was the unique pencil box that caused no small amount of frustration for Mrs. Baker. The sound and lighting effects for the show were designed by Christopher Young. One lighting effect that was a bit distracting was a light just above the apartment’s front door. The light was angled towards the audience, so it telegraphed whenever someone was about to appear to complicate the lives of the Baker brothers. Director Eric Trumbull double cast this production.

Come Blow Your Horn ran about two hours and forty-five minutes with two intermissions. It is playing for one more weekend, Thursday and Friday at 8 and Saturday at 2 PM at the Northern Virginia Community College, Woodbridge Campus, in Woodbridge, Virginia.

(Note: As proof of how small the theater world is, Laura and I both have taken classes from Dr. Trumbull, Mike worked with Chris Young on a production last summer, and Mike is being directed by Becket Warren in a scene for a directing class next month.)

Cast A

  • Alan Baker: Clay Powell
  • Peggy Evans: Jasmine Bull
  • Buddy Baker: Isaac Bennett
  • Mr. Baker: Henry Newman
  • Connie Dayton: Amanda Moore
  • Mrs. Baker: Becket Warren
  • A Visitor: Alana Thomas

Cast B

  • Alan Baker: Jason Milton
  • Peggy Evans: Kimberly Young
  • Buddy Baker: Jonathan Knox
  • Mr. Baker: E. Trumbull
  • Connie Dayton: Catherine Rotchford
  • Mrs. Baker: Cassandra Newman
  • A Visitor: Ashley Champagne


  • Director: E. Trumbull
  • Assistant to the Director: Amanda Moore
  • Stage Design: Jason Milton
  • Costume Coordinators: Jasmine Bull/Amanda Moore
  • Lights/Sound: Christopher Young
  • Stage Crew: Heather Alford, Emma Patterson, Kore Bono
  • Props: Becket Warren/Amanda Moore
  • Makeup: Salima Bown
  • Stage Manager: M.J. Perez
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