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Review of Never Say MacBeth

By • Aug 31st, 2008 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Never Say MacBeth [MP3 1:52 1.7MB].

August is a slow month for most area theaters, so we’d like to share our thoughts of a new movie we received this month. Never Say MacBeth tells the story of a science teacher who brings a curse upon his ex-girlfriend’s production of the Scottish Play and must battle new-age superstitious actors and a crazed director to win her back.

If you are a fan of theater you will like this movie. I’d be willing to bet that any actor could tell stories from their own experiences with these same characters in their own lives. The characters were fairly stereotypical: the boring lead, wannabe big star, creepy stage manager, overly sensitive director, two gay actors, and the likeable hero.

The hero Danny (Joe Tyler Gold) was believable and quite likeable. His lack of theater knowledge we can all relate to. His reason for driving to California was to follow his aspiring-actress ex-girlfriend (Ilana Turner) who left him to get her “big break” in acting. I loved her line, when she was explaining why she couldn’t get back with him, said quite seriously “I need to focus on my career. When I’m not acting, I’ll be waiting tables.”

There were a few minor holes in the plot, but overall, this was an enjoyable romp backstage of acbethmay. Special effects were well thought out and creative. They were also very funny. The slapstick humor of the sword fight and the other mishaps was amusing. The “2nd day before opening rehearsal” scene was especially entertaining.

NSM fits into the wonderful genre of backstage theater films like Waiting for Guffman or plays like Moon Over Buffalo or Noises Off. This independent 86 minute movie was released in 2007, and on DVD last week.

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