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Potomac Stages: Tick, Tick… BOOM!

By • Aug 18th, 2008 • Category: Published Elsewhere
tick, tick…Boom
Elden Street Players
Industrial Strength Theatre, Herndon, VA
$22/$19 Students and Seniors
Through August 23rd

Brad Hathaway of Potomac Stages reviews Elden Street Players’ production of Tick, Tick… BOOM!:

An absorbing, well-told story. An often sparkling, rockish score. A sharp, emotionally engaging performance in the lead role. A solid sound from a four-piece band. All of these strengths, and yet the show somehow fails to ignite. Why? Well, it is mostly a matter of chemistry. The two supporting players (who each handle a primary role and multiple bit parts) are competent and each sells a solo well, but there seems to be little connection between the three. John Loughney is superb as the young “Jon” (as in Jonathan Larson who wrote the book, music and lyrics for this show and for Rent.) Still, when he sings the super-sexy “Green Green Dress” with – and to – Kristen Garaffo as his girlfriend, they seem more involved with the song than with each other. Later, when Josh Doyle raises his considerable voice in a song about “Real Life” he seems to come to life after having simply gone through the motions for too long.

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