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Prince William Little Theatre Honk!

By • Jun 3rd, 2008 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Prince William Little Theatre’s Honk! [MP3 4:31 2.1MB].

Prince William Little Theatre
Jennie Dean Elementary School, Manassas, VA
$15/$10 Students and Seniors/$6 Children
Through June 15th

Laura: This is the ShowBizRadio review of Honk! performed by Prince William Little Theatre in Manassas, Virginia. We saw the performance on opening night Friday, May 30, 2008.

Mike: Honk! is the musical retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson story of The Ugly Duckling.

Laura: This show was family friendly. I think everyone can take a way some sort of meaning from it, whether you are a child or an adult. The choreography was fairly basic. There was a wide range of acting talent on stage. Some of the kids as well as some of the adults this was their first time on stage so you could see some nervousness. The biggest thing that hurt this show were the sound problems throughout.

Mike: Unfortunately there were significant sound problems throughout the two acts. Act one was kind of a disaster. Only one mic was working consistently and I could not hear most of the singing. In act two they changed the batteries and got things set correctly. It was much better. I knew what was going on and could hear without having to strain.

Laura: Jake Higginbottom played the role of the Cat. I think he did a pretty good job. Again he had some microphone problems. He had a solo in the first act that nobody really heard. He brought a lot of energy to the stage. His choreography was good.

Mike: Higginbottom’s Cat was the most creative of the characters on stage. He was able to explore a lot of the different aspects of the cat character. He did that creatively and it looked like he was having a lot of fun.

Laura: Cana Wade as Queenie Cat did a good job also. I like the black leotard cat suit that she was wearing. She walked and talked like a cat and was a very believable character.

Mike: The duckling, Ugly, was played by Drew Prendergast. I think he had a lot of fun in the role. He was again kind of limited with the sound problems. In the first act I did not know what he was singing about. His expressions were pretty good, though. He did have the big goofy grin when he was being introduced to his siblings. Then when they made fun of him he reacted appropriately. In the second act I really liked the song, ‘Now I’ve Seen You.’ I think he made it his song.

Laura: Ida, the mother duck, was played by Jill Wainner. I think she brought a lot of sympathy to the character. She had a gorgeous voice and I could feel her wanting to go out and protect Ugly, introduce him to her world, which she hoped would be a kind world, but as it turned out people are not always nice.

Mike: The stage was a pretty small area, but was used effectively. A few times it did get a bit crowded when everyone was onstage. The production and the Set Design were done by Don Petersen, Dave Warner, and Bob Shon.

Laura: The main set piece was a big book that they would turn throughout the different scenes. There was a lot of artwork and set painting that went into it. Only one time did it get stuck between pages.

Mike: The orchestra was directed by Scott D. Glysson. They did a pretty good job with the music. There were a few times when they did overpower the performers and that was partially due to microphone issues and partially because they were out in the auditorium instead of down in a pit so we were not isolated from them at all. They were at an odd place in the auditorium, kind of out by the emergency exit door. The percussion was done by Greg Gates who also played the role of the Bullfrog. He had a very funny part and had fun improving around what was happening during the evening.

Laura: After the show, Mike and I talked with the director Don Petersen and the show’s producer Janel Manning and discussed some of the challenges of working in an elementary school theater as well as some of the challenges of the show.

Mike: Honk! is playing for one more weekend, June 13th thru 15th. Friday and Saturday at 8 and Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2 pm at the Jeannie Dean Elementary School in Manassas, Virginia.

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Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • Drake, Greylag: Dan Bellotte
  • Pinkfoot, Fowl Ensemble, Kazooist: Katheriine Blodin
  • Ensemble: Anthony Carrington
  • Maureen: Becky Farris
  • Snowy, Jay Bird: Steven Field
  • Lowbutt, Grace: Lisa Freese
  • Bulfrog: Greg Gates
  • Cat: Jake Higginbottom
  • Old Woman, Ensemble: Jackie Holohan
  • Ensemble: Marji Jepperson
  • Fishy, Froglet: Erica Johnson
  • Fishy, Froglet: Laura Kline
  • Sheri Pierce: Turkey
  • Drew Prendergast: Ugly
  • Ensemble: Hannagh Smith
  • Ensemble: Alyssa Ryberg
  • Ensemble: Caelan Ryberg
  • Queenie Cat: Cana wade
  • Ensemble: Carolyn Wainner
  • Jill Wainner: Ida
  • Ensemble: Natalie Wainner
  • Barnacles, Farmer, Grandfather Swan, Ensemble: Don Wilson


  • Conductor: Scott D. Glysson
  • Keyboard: Nichole Dalusung
  • Flute: Julie Womble
  • Clarinet: Laura Bornhoeft
  • Horn: Damon Nelson/Peggy Lee
  • Saxophone: Phil Scofield
  • Trumpet: Dave Shuma
  • Cello: Josephine Cofie
  • Guitar: Bill Schillinger
  • Bass Guitar: Theresa Pfeifer
  • Percussion: Greg Gates


  • Director: Don Petersen
  • Music Director: Scott D. Glysson
  • Producer: Janel Manning
  • Stage Managers: Sarah Manning and Bryan Field
  • Choreographer: Carol Bryan
  • Production and Set Design: Don Petersen, Dave Warner, Bob Shon
  • Set Painting: Dave Warner, Austin Groebbner, Katherine Blondin, Tammy Warner, Monica Harrison, Don Petersen, Jackie Holohan
  • Costume Design: Susy Moorstein
  • Costume Accessories: Don Petersen, Carol Bryan
  • Props: Don Petersen
  • Sound Design: Dave Warner
  • Lighting Design: Dave Warner, Bob Shon, Don Petersen
  • Production Crew: Bob Shon, Dave Warner, Janel Manning, Tammy Warner, Carolyn Kline, Denise Smith, Gina Folino, Bryan Field, Sarah Manning, Becca Jackson, Megan Smith
  • Hair & Make-up design: Cast
  • Publicity: Janel Manning, Dave Warner, Don Wilson
  • Program Dave Warner
  • House Manager: Arleen Field
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