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Tapestry Theatre Company Richard III

By • May 14th, 2008 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Tapestry Theatre Company’s production of Richard III [MP3 3:09 1.4MB].

Richard III
Tapestry Theatre Company
Lee Center Kauffman Auditorium, Alexandria, VA
$15/$13 Seniors and Students
Through May 24th

Laura: This is the ShowBizRadio review of Richard III performed by Tapestry Theatre Company in Alexandria, Virginia. We saw the performance on opening night Friday, May 9, 2008.

Mike: Richard III is William Shakespeare’s unflattering depiction of the short reign of Richard III of England.

Laura: This was a very well acted show. The battle scenes were very well done and very well choreographed. On the Friday night performance there were some major video problems that were distracting.

Mike: This was a well performed show. A lot of the problems I had with the show were related to the writing. I did not understand enough of Shakespearean times and the British system of government. So I did not understand everything that was going on. The show itself was well acted. I think the video that they used for a few scenes was was not distracting, but it was disruptive.

Laura: Richard, Duke of Gloucester was played by Andrew Greenleaf. He was very intense. Even though I did not understand all of the language that was occurring, I could tell by his presence on stage and the look in his eyes that he was a slimy character.

Mike: This was a huge cast. There were 21 different performers playing almost 40 different parts. Sometimes that was a little confusing. An actor would enter and their costume was almost the same as earlier. When they started talking differently and referring to other people including who they may have already portrayed, it threw me a little. I think that is just a limitation of the theater of a smaller cast having to double up on roles.

Laura: I thought the fight scenes were well done and pretty believable. The fight directors were Karen Schlumpf, Brian Farrell, and Al Myska.

Mike: The costumes had a lot of detail in them. The costume designers were Elizabeth Vernaci and Susan Schulman. The materials used in the dresses were not all alike. Each dress was its very own unique design. The men’s costumes were different enough that you could see it was not one size fits all. I liked the different variations in the costumes.

Laura: This is Tapestry’s final show. They will be closing down after their final show at the end of this month. Mike did an interview with the show’s director, Susan Schulman. Mike also did an interview with the President of Tapestry Theatre Company, Peggy Jones which will be available later this week.

Mike: Richard III runs nearly three hours with one intermission. It is playing through Saturday, May 24 at the Lee Center for the performing Arts in Alexandria, Virginia. Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 and Sunday the 18th at 2 PM.

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Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • Richard, Duke of Gloucester: Andrew Greenleaf
  • George, Duke of Clarence: Andrew Langan
  • Lord Brackenbury: Jim Vincent
  • Jane Shore: Sara Bickler
  • Lord Hastings: Carl Brandt Long
  • Lady Anne: Ty Hallmark
  • Earl of Rivers: Daniel Lavanga
  • Lord Grey: David Van Ormer
  • Queen Elizabeth: Peggy Jones
  • Duke of Buckingham: Jay Tilley
  • Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby: Mark Edwards
  • Margaret D’Anjou: Queen Margaret: Lee McKenna
  • Lady in Waiting: Jes Decker
  • Marquess of Dorset: Manny Argueta
  • Keeper at the Tower: David Van Ormer
  • First Murderer: Mark Edwards
  • Second Murder: Robert Colby Perkins, Jr.
  • King Edward the IV: Steven Rosenthal
  • Princess Elizabeth, his daughter: Elizabeth Miller
  • Margaret Plantagenet: Christine Lange
  • Ned Plantagenet: Manny Argueta
  • Duchess of York: Carolyn Piccotti
  • Vaughan: Kathryn Wanschura
  • Richard, Duke of York: Christine Lange
  • Messenger: Gary Augustine
  • Prince Edward: Jess Decker
  • Archbishop of Canterbury: Andrew Langan
  • Sir William Catesby: Robert Colby Perkins, Jr.
  • Sir Richard Ratcliffe: Carl Brandt Long
  • Bishop of Ely: Steven Rosenthal
  • TV Host: Kristine Cornils
  • A Scrivener: Robert Colby Perkins, Jr.
  • Sir James Tyrrell: Andrew Langan
  • Richmond, later King Henry VII: Daniel Lavanga
  • Captain Blunt: Jess Decker
  • Ensemble: Manny Argueta, Gary Augustine, Jess Decker, Andrew Langan, Christine Lange, Daniel Lavanga, Elizabeth Miller, David Van Ormer, Robert Colby Perkins, Jr., Jay Tilley, Jim Vincent
  • Crew

    • Director: Susan Schulman
    • Assistant Director: Kathryn Wanschura
    • Stage Manager: Robert Pierce
    • Production Manager: Robert Pierce
    • Fight Direction: Karen Schlumpf, Brian Farrell, and Al Myska
    • Costume Design: Elizabeth Vernaci, Susan Schulman
    • Lighting Design: James Robertson
    • Light Board Operator: Morgan Sexton
    • Set Design: Gary Augustine
    • Video Directors: Bob Morrison, Susan Schulman
    • Video Editor: Susan Schulman
    • Video Consultant: Benjamin Freedman
    • Sound Engineers: Duane Lomis, Chip Healey
    • Video Engineer: Duane Lomis
    • Sound Editor: Susan Schulman, Morgan Sexton
    • Audio Visual Set Up & Rental: AVX, Inc.
    • Lee Center Liaison: Peggy Jones
    • Program: Kay Sullivan
    • Costume Construction: Amy Carr, Melba Carr, Jeanette Hankins, Melissa Jo York-Tilley, Susan Schulman,, Elizabeth Vernaci
    • Costume Loan: The Clarice Center for the Performing Arrts, Greenbelt Arrts Center, Folger Shakespeare Theatre, Robert Perkins, Lee McKenna, The Rude Mechanicals
    • Light Crew: Morgan Sexton, Jim Vincent
    • Set Crew: Gary Augustine, Jes Decker, Christine Lange, Robert Colby Perkins, Jr., Jim Vincent
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    2. This was a wonderful production of R3. I’d been waiting for a long time to see this production by Tapestry. Nothing was going to mess that up. Well, with a lousy weather forecast threatening gusty winds, torrential rain, thunder and lightening, I decided I was going to just take my chances getting to the Lee Center, via DASH, and the six block walk. Well, thankfully, Mother Nature didn’t throw a tantrum. And I’m glad I went. For such a large cast everybody involved was great (convincing). Miss McKenna’s “Queen Margaret” was most regal, indeed, and Mr. Greenleaf a good murderous, wise cracking “Richard”. Miss Decker’s “Prince Edward” had a good, “Please don’t touch me, Richard” air with “Richard”, which he, of course, found irksome. Costumes were impressive. The set – it was bare but most effective. You don’t need a lot of “stuff” on stage to deliver a good show. The use of video – could be confusing, with the exception of its use for “Richard” haunted by dreams of those (or some of those – you lose track of the body count ) he’d murdered. But all in all if you get the chance this is worth seeing, and it won’t gouge your wallet.