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Castaways Repertory Theatre Barefoot in The Park

By • May 20th, 2008 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Castaways Repertory Theatre’s Barefoot in The Park [MP3 4:54 2.3MB].

Barefoot in The Park
Castaways Repertory Theatre
Ferlazzo Building Theater, Woodbridge, VA

Laura: This is the ShowBizRadio Review of Barefoot in The Park, performed by Castaways Repertory Theatre, in Woodbridge, Virginia. We saw the performance closing night Saturday evening May 17, 2008.

Mike: Barefoot in the Park is a play by Neil Simon. It’s focus is on a newlywed couple, Corie and Paul Bratter who are setting up house in a miniscule 5th floor walk up apartment in a downtown Manhatan brownstone. Paul is a straight laced attorney. Corie is a far more spontaneous free spirit. The two must contend with the lack of heat, a skylight with a gaping hole, several flights of stairs, odd ball neighbors, Corie’s well meaning mother, all in addition to adjusting to married life.

Laura: This was the closing night of the show so they may not have been all the way up as far as energy goes. Still, they did a pretty good job. I liked how they all worked together and seemed comfortable on stage together.

Mike: I enjoyed the show as well. There were a few minor audio problems from the actors. The set was very creatively done, especially with the limitations that Castaways has to work with on the theatre that they use. However I had a good time.

Laura: Although they were minor characters and the delivery man only had one scene, I thought they brought a lot of comedy relief to the show. The Delivery Man was Gavin Tameris. I thought the poor man was going to keel over when he finally made it up the stairs with those packages. He gave a good believable performance. Also the Telephone Repair Person (Sallie Willows) had some good funny lines. I liked her action on stage when she was not saying her line she stayed busy trying to fix the phone.

Mike: The newlywed couple of Corie (played by Tegan D. Cohen) and Paul (played by David Vargas) had a chemistry between them that was pretty believable. Their frustration of trying to figure out how to be a married couple was interesting to watch. I think they did that pretty well. Vargas, when he was so frustrated with Cohen, especially near the end of the show, when his voice kept getting higher and higher as he was unable to believe what he was hearing from her. I think that was pretty well done. It would have been simple to make that part very over the top and he didn’t do that, which was good. Cohen’s portrayal of Corie was pretty spot on. I liked the opening scene when she was setting everything up for us. The hope that she had about waiting for the furniture to get here she had that down pretty well.

Laura: Corie’s Mother, Mrs. Banks, was played by Kathy Gurchiek. She did pretty well. She was also gasping for air the two time she came up to see Corie. The timing was maybe a bit off. She had some good scenes especially towards the end of the play. Victor Velasco, their quirky upstairs neighbor who lived in the attic, was played by John T. Adams III. He was funny.

Mike: One of the problems with the production was the sound. I really could not hear all of the actors all of the time. John Adams and Kthy Gurcheik were the two where it was most noticeable. They talked a bit softer and it made it difficult to understand what they were saying. There were times when it was difficult to hear all of the actors. It might have just been the way the sound was bouncing around the room, a large auditorium.

Laura: I liked the set for Barefoot in the Park. Set Designer was Jarret Baker. The opening act when Corie was waiting for the furniture to arrive everything was in disarray. There were paint cans, a ladder and stuff kind of strewn about. One thing I was disappointed in was that there was no glass in the skylight. Later there was a scene with Paul sleeping on the couch. Because there was no glass in the skylight, they could not do the scene of snow falling on Paul as he was sleeping on the couch. I thought that was a little disappointing.

Mike: I had an issue with some of the costume decisions. The costumer was Dana Peters. Really the only thing that jumped at me was that Corie in the first and last scenes was in jeans. That just didn’t feel right. She was wearing relaxed fit jeans of some sort. I really think the free spirit Corie would have been into the Mary Tyler Moore/Dick Van Dyke capri pants fad. She would have embraced that. I think she would have been in capri pants and not jeans.

Laura: Barefoot in the Park ran two hours and twenty minutes with one intermission and one pause. The show did close on Saturday evening.

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Laura: And now, on with the show.

Photo Gallery

Tegan Cohen and Sallie Willows Gavin Tameris and Tegan Cohen
Tegan Cohen and Sallie Willows
Gavin Tameris and Tegan Cohen
David Vargas Tegan Cohen and David Vargas
David Vargas
Tegan Cohen and David Vargas
Tegan Cohen and David Vargas Tegan Cohen and Kathy Gurcheik
Tegan Cohen and David Vargas
Tegan Cohen and Kathy Gurcheik
Tegan Cohen and David Vargas John T. Adams III and Tegan Cohen
Tegan Cohen and David Vargas
John T. Adams III and Tegan Cohen

Photos by Jarret Baker


  • Corie Bratter: Tegan Cohen
  • Telephone Repair Person: Sallie Willows
  • Delivery Repair Man: Gavin Tameris
  • Paul Bratter: David Vargas
  • Corie’s Mother, Mrs. Banks: Kathy Gurcheik
  • Victor Velasco: John T. Adams III


  • Producer/Director: Candi Baker
  • Technical Director: Jarret Baker
  • Stage Manager: Charlie Rizor
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Brittany Savage
  • Set Designer/Master Builder: Jarret Baker
  • Set Construction: Jarret Baker, assisted by Bob Baker, Greg Gutierrez, Duane Lomis, Charlie Rizor and Gavin Tameris
  • Set Painting: Bob Baker
  • Set Décor: Pat Jannell
  • Properties: Pat Jannell
  • Light Designer: Greg Gutierrez
  • Sound Designer: Duane Lomis
  • Sound/Lighting Operators: Greg Gutierrez, Duane Lomis
  • Costumes: Dana Peters
  • Front Of House: Kathy Sahlberg
  • Cover Art: Jarret Baker
  • Publicity: Don Wilson
  • Photography: Jarret Baker
  • Program: Julie Little
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