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Laurel Mill Playhouse Love, Sex, and the IRS

By • Mar 24th, 2008 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Laurel Mill Playhouse’s Love, Sex, and the IRS [MP3 4:12 1.9MB]. View the photo gallery.

Love, Sex, and the IRS
Laurel Mill Playhouse
Laurel Mill Playhouse, Laurel, MD
$13/$10 Students and Seniors
Through April 5th

Laura: This is the ShowBizRadio review of Love, Sex, and the IRS, performed by the Laurel Mill Playhouse in Laurel, Maryland. Mike and I saw the performance on Saturday evening, March 22, 2008.

Mike: This was a very funny show. Laurel Mill did a a good job bringing this together. I really liked the set. It fit perfectly for the space they have. It was a good time.

Laura: This was a funny show. Sometimes the timing was a little off, but the physical comedy was great. I loved the set and the detail they did with it. I think everyone had a really good time with it as I did.

“So, what does the lease say?”
Mike: Love, Sex, and The IRS is a play by William Van Zandt and Jane Milmore. It is the story of Jon and Leslie, two guys living in New York City. Jon is an accountant. He decides to do their taxes every year and figures out that he could save a lot of money if he and Leslie are married. Unfortunately they get audited and Leslie has to pretend he is a she and dress up like a woman. Jon’s mother decides to come and visit and help him prepare for his upcoming wedding to Kate, who is also dating Leslie. Put this together and you get a really funny show.

Laura: One of the roommates of the house was Leslie, played by R. Brett Rohrer, who was also the director of the show. He was funny. He got to be the cross dresser and would have to run upstairs to change clothes and then come back down and be a woman and then run upstairs and change back and come down and be a man. He probably got really tired. I especially liked his scene towards the end of the show when he had to make a fast change and he came down with cold cream all over his face. I thought that was a really funny scene. I liked how he interacted with Kate as well as Jon.

Mike: His roommate, Jon Trachtman, was played by Jay Balcar, who was the other co-director of the show. I think he did a really good job as well. He was trying to keep a lot of plates spinning and he almost got away with it. At times you could see the terror and frustration of trying to keep all the stories straight. He also dealt with his mother, played by Maureen Rogers. That was also very nicely done. I liked that relationship that they had built.

Laura: The I.R. S. agent who showed up, Floyd Spinner, was played by Larry Simmons. He did a good job. He was very matter-of-fact and played the role straight, until he got some alcohol in him and then he kind of let loose. His physical comedy bits were really funny and maybe even a little painful.

Mike: I think the entire cast did a pretty good job. This is a reunion show. Laurel Mill Playhouse did the same production using seven of the eight performers in that previous show. We talked with some of the cast members after the show. They did say it was a little bit easier this time because they were reprising characters they had already built up. It definitely showed on stage.

Laura: The set for Love, Sex and The I.R.S. was really neat. The Set Designers were Michael Hartsfield, James Raymond, and R. Brett Rohrer. I really like the detail of the show. It was a small space, but they used it very effectively.

Mike: I really liked the set for the show. It seemed like it was deeper that a usual set and they made great use of it. I don’t want to give any specifics away because a lot of the joy of this show is being surprised with what happens next. I did also like the set dressing. The cast and a few others raided their closets for memorabilia from the 70’s. I think they did a great job. There was a lava lamp, candles, cinder block shelves that everybody remembers from their college days. I think they did a great job on how this show looked.

Laura: The show lasted two hours with two short intermissions. Love, Sex and The I.R.S. is playing through Saturday, April 5; Friday and Saturday at 8; a Sunday matinee on the 30th at 2 and a special Thursday Pay What You Can performance on Thursday the 3rd at 8 PM at the Laurel Mill Playhouse in Laurel, Maryland.

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Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Kate Dennis: Jessica Weider
  • Lesslie Arthur: R. Brett Rohrer
  • Mr. Jansen: Jack Wassell
  • John Trachtman: Jay Balcar
  • Larry Simmons: Floyd Spinner
  • Vivian Tractman: Maureen Rogers
  • Connie: Melanie Eifert
  • Grunion: Michael V. Hartsfield


  • Co-Directors: Jay Balcar, R. Brett Rohrer
  • Stage Manager: Lindsay Balcar
  • Producer: Maureen Rogers
  • Light Design: James Raymond
  • Sound Design: Brad J. Ranno, Jay Balcar
  • Light/Sound Operators: Julie Rogers, Diana Simmons
  • Set Design: Michael Hartsford, James Raymond, R. Brett Rohrer
  • Set Construction: Michael Hartsford, & James Raymond
  • Assisted by: Marvin Rogers, Alan Shipley, R. Brett Rohrer, Jay Balcar, Amanda Lewis, and anyone else who pitched in.
  • Set Painting: James Raymond
  • Assisted by: Julie Rogers, Marvin Rogers, Michael Harrtsfield, R. Brett Rohrer
  • Props: Lindsay Balcar, cast
  • Set Dressing: R. Brett Rohrer, Jay Balcar, Lindsay Balcar, Chris T., cast, and others
  • Costumes: Cast
  • Leslie’s Dresses: Marilyn Johnson
  • Hair & Make-Up: Cast
  • Combat Choreography: R. Brett Rohrer, Jay Balcar
  • House Manager: Norm Gordon
  • Box Office: Norm Gordon, Patti Knazik, volunteers
  • Program: R. Brett Rohrer
  • Publicity: Maureen Rogers
  • Posters: R. Brett Rohrer
  • Head Shots: Chris Rayman, Melanie Eifert
  • Website Design and Maintenance: Stewart Wills
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