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Kensington Arts Theatre Little Shop of Horrors

By • Nov 9th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Kensington Arts Theatre’s production of Little Shop of Horrors [MP3 3:37 1.7MB].

Laura: This is the review of Little Shop of Horrors performed by the Kensington Arts Theatre in Kensington, Maryland. Mike and I saw the performance on Sunday evening, November 4, 2007.

Mike: This was a fun show. A little bit scary at times, but I had a really good time at it.

Laura: I got into it, too. I loved the Audrey II. I thought that was fascinating especially when the Audrey II started talking and singing. I thought that was a lot of fun. The whole cast did a great job.

Mike: Little Shop of Horrors is a musical, music by Allen Menken, lyrics by Howard Ashman. It’s the story of a carnivorous plant that ends up on skid row. Seymore, a florist, discovers the plant and tries to nurse it back to health. He accidentally discovers that when he pricks his finger the plant does much better. One thing leads to another and eventually there are horrors galore.

Laura: Seymore Krelborn, the man who ran the florist shop on skid row was played by Jonathan Jackson. He was funny. He was just kind of dorky and nerdy. He wanted to please the shop owner Mr. Mushnik and wanted to develop a relationship with Audrey who also worked in the florist shop. Unfortunately that just didn’t seem to happen, but he was really good. He had some good lines. I liked when he having a crisis of conscience when he realized how the plant gets it’s food.

Mike: He also had a love interest, Audrey, played by Tara Taylor. She did a pretty good job as well. She was so believeable as the abused young woman. She was so innocent, but at the same time she had a low self esteem that really came through when she was walking around and interacting with the people in the florist shop and then out on the street. I think she did a great job with the part. She had a very nice singing voice. I especially liked “Somewhere That’s Green” which is kind of the signature number for Audrey.

Laura: All of the cast did a good job with Little Shop of Horrors. The three doo wop girls did a good job. They all had strong voices.

Mike: The Doo Wop Girls were played by Rikki Howie, Ivana Alevander, and KJ Jacks.

Laura: The townspeople, the ensemble, all did a good job.

Mike: The set was also pretty complicated. The entire floral shop actually rolled out from the stage and would be pulled back and then a scrim would come down. I’m sure that was not easy to get figured out to get it to work nicely, but the actual execution was pretty nice. There were some additional set pieces out in the front of the stage area. It all worked pretty well. It wasn’t too cluttered. There were a few times when it was a little busy when a lot of the ensemble was out, but it wasn’t really bad at all. The set was designed by Matt Karner.

Laura: I really liked the live orchestra that accompanied the show. You could hear the actors very clearly and the sound was not muffled.

Mike: Little Shop of Horrors ran about two hours. It is playing through Sunday the 18th at the Kensington Town Center. Thursday through Saturdays at 8 and Sundays at 7.

Laura: When you go see this show, tell them you heard about it at

Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • Seymore Kelborn: Jonathan Jackson
  • Audrey: Tara Taylor
  • Crystal: Richelle “Rikki” Howie
  • Chiffon: Ivana Alexander
  • Ronnette: KJ Jacks
  • Orin Scrivello: Andy Izquierdo
  • Mr. Mushnik: Stephen Yednock
  • Mr. Bernstein, Mrs. Luce, Skip Snip: Andy Izquierdo
  • Audrey II (Voice): Michael Nansel
  • Audrey II (Movement): Tory Shaw
  • Patrick Martin: Andy Izquierdo
  • Ensemble: Ernie Achenbach, Claire Rajah Minogue Borthwick, Nina Clemente, Ashley Edmiston, Shannon E. Miller, Alexis M. R. Mitchell, Kristi Schaffner, Teria Renee Walters


  • Conductor/Keyboard: J. Michael d’Haviland
  • Chapman Stick: Topher Dunne
  • Keyboard: Francine Krasowska
  • Percussion/Drums: Sven Abow


  • Producer: Doe B. Kim
  • Director: Craig Pettinati
  • Music Director: J. Michael d’Haviland
  • Choreographer: Kristi Schaffner
  • Assistant Director: Tom Lane
  • Assistant Music Director: Topher Dunne
  • Assistant to the Director: Anna Smeragliuolo
  • Scenic Design: Matt Karner
  • Master Carpenter: Joel Richon
  • Scenic Painting Design/Asst. Master Carpenter: Matt Karner
  • Construction/Painting Crew: Jeffrey Smith, Joy Wyne, Jenna Ballard, Doe. B. Kim, malca, Giblin, Ernie Achenbach, Tara Taylor,
  • Set Decoration: Matt Karner, Doe B. Kim
  • Properties: Matt Karner, Doe B. Kim
  • Lighting Design: Matt Karner
  • Lighting Execution: Kirk Anderson
  • Sound Design/Execution: Nick Upchurch
  • Costume/Makeup/Hair Design: Andy Izquierdo
  • Stage Crew: Brian Campbell, Meng Chiao, Erin Lashof, Nancy Ostrove, Kevin Zarcone, Doe B. Kim
  • Program Cover Design: Ernie Achenbach
  • Program Design: Doe B. Kim
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