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Colonial Players Incorruptible

By • Sep 4th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Colonial Players’ production of Incorruptible [MP3 5:06 2.3MB].

Laura: This is the review of Incorruptible performed by the Colonial Players on Sunday afternoon in Annapolis, Maryland.

Mike: This was a really funny show. I had a good time. I didn’t know what to expect and it was a surprise. I loved how in the lobby they had a copy of the newspaper from the 1300’s. It had some fascinating articles. I liked how it started setting the scene while you are waiting for the show to begin.

Laura: I enjoyed this show, too. It was totally irreverent. The lines were funny, lots of slapstick. Lots of over the top action and animation. It was a lot of fun. There was a really good audience that really enjoyed it also.

Mike: Incorruptible is a play written by Michael Hollinger. It’s the story of the monks at the Abbot of Priseaux in the 1300’s or so. Unfortunately they have had a setback. The relics of their saint, Saint Foy has stopped producing miracles. So the people in the neighboring village have stopped coming and paying to pray to the relic. Unfortunately the monks have discovered that a rival chapel has stolen their bones and given them fake bones. At this other chapel they are having miracles and the Pope is coming. So the monks come up with this plan. They start a mail order business selling the bones from their graveyard as relics. Unfortunately, things boil over and the Pope decides he wants to go visit their Incorruptible. An incorruptible is the remains of a saint whose body has not decomposed. It’s pretty rare. There are only a handful of times this has happened. Of course they don’t have one so they have to get one very quickly. So it’s a really funny show. I had a great time at it.

Laura: Brother Martin, one of the monks at the Abbey, was played by Danny Brooks. He was very funny. He was very much uptight and always worried about money and not being able to balance the books. He was willing to do whatever he needed to do in order to start turning a profit.

Mike: He had a lot of the great lines in the show. You just weren’t expecting them. He would just all of a sudden have this idea and would get this great look in his eyes. Then he would spout out and everyone was laughing. It was so funny. He did a great job with the delivery.

The Abbott of Perseaux, Charles was played by Edd Miller. He had his own dreams, but he was also very practical. He was torn at times and also shared his frustrations at times with his sister.

Laura: I also liked Charles. I thought he was kind of sweet. Deep down inside he was goodhearted. He had a lot of faith. I liked the scene between him and the Minstrel, Jack, that the two of them had when Charles revealed some of his thoughts and feelings about just wanting to be a baker and bringing good to people.

Mike: Jack the Minstrel was played by Lawrence Griffin. He had a complicated role in that he had the most emotions and the most different motives that he had to go through. I really liked the scene where he was attempting to juggle and tell some jokes. Doing his little stand up minstrel routine in front of monks at the monastery. I give him an A for effort on that scene.

Laura: I also liked Jack the Minstrel. He had a lot of the physicality in the show. As Mike said a lot to juggle at the beginning. Later on he had some other things to juggle.

Agatha, who was the Abbess of Bernay was played by Beth Terranova. She was mean. She just swept in and was all bluster. Everybody just fell over to get away from her and couldn’t stand up to her. She also had some pretty funny lines.

Mike: One thing I thought as I was watching her was she would make a great Wicked Witch of the West.

Laura: The set for Incorruptible was nice. The Colonial Players play house is a theater in the round. The actors and actresses were very good about balancing things out so that everybody could se what was going on. You weren’t blocking anything. I really liked how they did that.

Mike: The set was designed by Doug Dawson. The Set Decoration was Debby Dawson, Doug Dawson, and Tom Ammon. They did a pretty good job. There were a lot of little touches that change between the first and second act. So look around and pay attention to those different things. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Also the sound effects were really well done. Sound was designed by Mary Davidson.

Laura: Incorruptible is playing through Saturday, September 29th. Thursday, Friday and Saturdays at 8 PM. Sunday matinees at 2:30 PM. On Sunday the 23rd also a show at 7:30 PM at the Colonial Player’s Playhouse in Annapolis, Maryland.

Mike: The show runs about two hours and ten minutes with one intermission.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Brother Martin: Danny Brooks
  • Peasant Woman: Mary MacLeod
  • Brother Olf: Scott Nichols
  • Charles, Abbot of Priseaux: Edd Miller
  • Brother Felix: Jamie Hanna
  • Jack, A minstrel: Lawrence Griffin
  • Marie: Kristin Carter
  • Agatha, Abbess of Bernay: Robin Davis/Beth Terranova
  • The Moneychanger/St. James the Greater: Sheldon Melnick


  • Director: Tom Newbrough
  • Assistant Director: Kurt Dornheim
  • Stage Manager: Herb Elkin
  • Production Manager: Jeanie Mincher
  • Set Design: Doug Dawson
  • Set Decoration: Debby Dawson, Doug Dawson, Tom Ammon
  • Lead Carpenter: Dick Whaley
  • Set Construction Team: Lee Craft, Jim Robinson, Dick Whaley, Ted Yablonski
  • Lighting Design/Technician: Alex Banos
  • Sound Design: Mary Davidson
  • Sound Technicians: Wes Bedsworth, Mary Davidson
  • Costume Design: Mindy Braden
  • Costume Assistants: Angie Dey, Jeanie Mincher, Beth Terranova
  • Props: JoAnn Gidos
  • Props Asistants: Mindy Baden, Laurie Nolan, Cornelia Watson
  • Production Liaison /Rehearsal Assistant: Peggy Schmeltzer
  • Rehearsal Assistants: Jason Vaughn, Angie Dey
  • Special Assistant to the Director: Donovan Newbrough
  • Consulting Director: Darice Clewell
  • Playbill/ Poster Design: Jim Gallagher
  • Photography: R..A.R.E: Photographic
  • Program Editor: Sue Bridgett
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