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2nd Flight Productions Aida

By • Aug 26th, 2007 • Category: Reviews, Stand Out!

Listen to our review of 2nd Flight Productions’ production of Aida [MP3 5:36 2.6MB].

Laura: This is the review of Aida performed by 2nd Flight Productions at Chantilly High School in Chantilly Virginia on opening night, Friday evening.

Mike: This was a really good show. I have not seen this before and did not quite know what to expect. I knew it had something to do with Disney in there so I was kind of expecting a fluffy show. However I had a really good time at it.

Laura: I have seen this how before and so I kind of knew what to expect. But I was just taken away. I thought it was terrific.

Mike: The music and the singing and the dancing in the show were top notch. There were a few minor mistakes, but you could ignore those because they really were minor. I think you’ll have a great time at this show.

Laura: Yes, I completely agree. This was a fantastic show. I just really liked the chemistry amongst the performers. I thought it was great. The duets between Aida and Radames were just really touching. The people sitting in front of us thoroughly enjoyed this show also. They were having charismatic moments at points throughout the evening and that just made it all the more enjoyable.

Mike: Aida is a musical with book by Linda Wolverton, David Henry Wong and Robert Falls, music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice. It’s a classic love triangle: Aida, a Nubian princess, is captured by an Egyptian captain, Radames. He soon falls in love with her and saves her from a life of hard labor by giving her as a handmaiden to the Egyptian Princess, Amneris, his future bride. Set against a back drop of loyalty, betrayal, and forbidden love, Aida is the story of three people who are forced to make difficult choices that will alter history forever.

Laura: Aida, the Nubian princess who was captured by the Egyptians, was played by Keisha Spaulding. She had one heck of a voice. I really loved her. She had a lot of fight to her as well and wasn’t willing to give up her principles for what she believed in.

Mike: I liked the determination that she brought to the role. One of her quotes in the show was, “If you don’t like your fate, change it.” She was such a strong character throughout the show. I really enjoyed it.

Her soul mate, Radames, was played by Ryan Katcheressian. He did a great job in this role. He had several different emotions he had to go through. He was struggling with being in love with his fiance or just being a friend with his fiance. Being in love with a slave; something you can’t do. I really liked his portrayal.

Laura: The one downer with him was that the sound guy didn’t always turn his microphone on when he was singing or talking. That was a little disappointing, but it got a lot better in the second act when they started to turn him up higher. He had a really good voice and that came across in his emotions. The duets that they sang together had so much energy and you could just feel the love and the conundrum that was going on when they were singing.

And then Amneris, the fiance of Radames and the princess of Egypt was played by Katie Pond. She was hysterical. She kind of played it over the top, but I think that was what her character was. She did that really well. She was funny. She also had a good voice.

Mike: She had some of the fun numbers in the show. One of the most upbeat numbers was “My Strongest Suit” performed by Amneris and the women of the palace. They were strutting around the stage. That number gave a lot of work to the choreographer and to the costume designer. I think it worked together very well.

Laura: The costumes for Aida were very well done. Costumer was Kelsey Cropp. The slave costumes were pretty plain; nothing flashy. Then in contrast to that you had the Pharaoh’s princess Amneris. Some of her costumes were over the top and were flashy.

Mike: I also really liked the textures of the costumes. You could see there were lots of different materials used. I think that gave the show a bit more authenticity.

There was a lot of different action going on on stage. The show was directed and choreographed by Shannon Katcheressian. She did a great job with it. I asked her afterwards how much guidance was given to her in the script, for the motions on stage. She said there was nothing in the script already. So she put together a fantastic collection of different movements and dance scenes. The ensemble had a lot to do. There were a lot of scenes where there were people walking around on the back of the stage. Extras and that added a lot of realism to the show.

Laura: I agree. I thought the dancing was very well done. The set itself I thought was interesting. It was a multi level set. Set Designer was Kevin King. The center section of the stage could transform. They also had some really interesting lighting effects that they used that really added a lot of excitement and a lot of emotion to what was going on.

Mike: I think you’ll have a really good time at Aida. It’s playing for two more weekends. It closes on September 9th at Chantilly High School. Friday and Saturday nights at 8. Sunday at 2.

Laura: We were there opening night and it was almost sold out. Do call ahead for tickets. The show is about two hours and fifteen minutes long with one intermission. Again, you must go see this show.

Mike: And now, on with the show..


  • Aida: Keisha Spaulding
  • Radames: Ryan Khatcheressian
  • Amneris: Katie Pond
  • Mereb: Faqir Qarghah
  • Zoser: Cory Eskridge
  • Pharoah/Amonasaro: Michael Schwandt
  • Nehebka: Jerhonda Spaulding
  • Ensemble:
    • Brieann Anderson
    • Edward Brient
    • Alex Chu
    • Chan Chung
    • Kadira Coley
    • Janelle Delany
    • Michael Erlich
    • Lance Han
    • Greg Khatcheressian
    • Tien Nguyen
    • Carla Okouchi
    • Akmed Qarghah
    • Jackie Ryan
    • Nicole Scott


  • Producer: Kevin King
  • Director: Shannon Katcheressian
  • Stage Manager: Warren Reid
  • Music Director: Bob Kraig
  • Vocal Director: Michael Erlich
  • Choreographer: Shannon Katcheressian
  • Assistant Choreographer: Kelly Sharon
  • Costume Design: Kelsey Cropp
  • Costume Construction: Kevin King, Jesse Bogue, Mike Kink, Mark Helms, Nick Durso, Sam Altman, Gary Koch, Brian King, Jen Wilson, Cory Eskridge, Josh Vanschagen, Anthony Vitale, Brad Vitale
  • Hair/Makeup: Kat Brais, Andy Izquierdo
  • Publicity: Leah Aspell
  • Props/Set Dressing: Erin Anderson
  • Set Painting: Meg Brady, Elisabeth Keck, Karen King
  • Sound Design: Stan Harris
  • Sound Board Operator: Brian Anderson
  • Stage Combat: Shannon Katcheressian
  • Poster/ Program: Bret Zinger
  • Special Effects Supervisors: Wes Vitale and Ben Pardo
    • Orchestra

      • Conductor: Robert Kraig
      • Keyboard 1: Robert Kraig
      • Rehearsal Pianist: Robert Kraig
      • French Horn: Carla Okouchi
      • Guitar: Rick Peralta

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