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Little Theatre of Alexandria The Philadelphia Story

By • Jun 17th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Little Theatre of Alexandria’s The Philadelphia Story [MP3 4:22 1.3MB].

Laura: Wednesday we saw Little Theatre of Alexandria‘s The Philadelphia Story in Alexandria Virginia.

Mike: The Philadelphia Story is a comedy by Philip Barry. It focuses on the life of Tracy Lord. She is engaged to be married for the second time in 1940’s Philadelphia. She’s a member of high society Philadelphia so this is going to be the event of the year. Unfortunately her father has had an affair and the local tabloid is threatening to expose the affair unless she allows them to cover the wedding for the paper. She reluctantly does and then her ex husband Dexter shows up just to throw a little more fuel on the fire for what could be a disaster.

Laura: This show was pretty good. The acting and the set were good. It was kind of a little soap opera-ish however, so it really didn’t draw me in. It had some pretty good choreography and some pretty funny laughs throughout the show. One scene that was pretty funny was when Dinah Lord, the younger sister of Tracy Lord, came in and was entertaining the gentlemen with stories before Tracy came in and whisked her away. That brought some pretty good laughs.

Mike: The Philadelphia Story was a slow show. It really didn’t draw me in too well. There were some pretty funny scenes. The acting was top notch from everybody, which was pretty enjoyable. It was basically talking heads and that usually takes awhile for me to get into it.

Laura: Tracy Lord, played by Jennifer Crooks, and her sister Dinah Lord, played by Emily Whitworth, both did a top notch job. Tracy Lord was very much the socialite who was used to getting her way in all things. When things didn’t go according to how she planned it, she got pretty frustrated, but she pulled herself together and a top notch acting job. Her younger sister Dinah Lord also did really well. She was quite a little spitfire. She kept really good emotions. When she wasn’t the focal point of the action she was just kind of eavesdropping. She still paid very close attention because she never knew when she could use that to her advantage later on. I think they both did a really great job.

Mike: The men in Tracy Lord’s life. Her ex husband Dexter Haven, played by Brian Razzino. Her fiance, George Kittredge, played by Brian Dunn. And Mike Connor, the reporter who was covering the wedding for the tabloid magazine was played by Seth Vaughn all did a pretty good job. Her fiance, George Kittredge definitely felt very uptight. He seemed very focused on what other people thought. He was very much concerned with appearances. That came across pretty well. He wasn’t a very likable character. Her ex husband Dexter, was pretty likable. You weren’t quite rooting for him at the end of the show, but you did like him. He very much had a good time. He was very relaxed. Mike Connor was the reporter. He had some prejudices, kind of the opposite of the fiance, even though it didn’t quite make a lot of sense because we didn’t know a lot of his back story. He ended up being a very likable guy. You really wanted what was best for him to come out at the end.

Laura: The set for The Philadelphia Story again was top notch. The Set Designer was Grant Kevin Lane. The Little Theatre of Alexandria always does a great job with the attention to detail. This show was no exception. The first scene was in the parlor of the the Philadelphia house. It had the telltale rich artwork on the walls, the beautiful sofa and lounge chair. Everything was just perfectly arranged. Act 2 they turned to set around and you had an outside view with the flowers out on the porch. It was really well done.

Mike: The Philadelphia Story is playing at The Little Theatre of Alexandria through June 30th. Wednesday through Saturday nights at 8 and Sunday matinees at 3 pm. The show is runs about two and a half hours with one intermission and one pause.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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