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Port Tobacco Players The Glass Menagerie

By • May 9th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of The Glass Menagerie performed by the Port Tobacco Players [MP3 3:54 1.1MB].

Mike: Last week I saw The Glass Menagerie performed by the Port Tobacco Players in La Plata, Maryland.

Laura: The Glass Menagerie is play written by Tennessee Williams. Produced by Terry Smith and directed by Randy Tusing. The action takes place in an apartment in St. Louis, Missouri during the Great Depression in the late 1930’s. Amanda Wingfield dreams of the past when gentleman callers lined up to see her. Tom Wingfield dreams of the day he can escape his stifling home and become a writer. He is the narrator of the story. He relies a lot on his memories. Laura Wingfield, well she just dreams. Her soul and her imagination are lost in her glass menagerie.

Mike: This was a pretty good show. It only had four performers in it. That’s different for Port Tobacco Players. Because it was a small cast the four performers really got to shine. They did a really good job with this show.

Mike: Amanda Wingfield was performed by Lisa Kay Morton. Yes, that’s the same Lisa Kay that does reviews for us sometimes. I really didn’t even recognize her. She had a different air about her as she was gracing the stage and sharing the memories of growing up. I really enjoyed her performance.

Mike: Tom Wingfield, her son and the narrator of the show, was played by David Timmerman. He did a good job as well. He had a little bit of wistfulness about him and since it was a memory he acknowledged that early on. I liked how he did. I liked his portrayal of being frustrated at work and wanting to leave and run away.

Mike: Laura Wingfield played by Jodie Mueller did a pretty good job as well. She wasn’t quite as distant as I had pictured her, but I think she did ok. The Glass Menagerie that she had on the table, you couldn’t really see what they were. Small animals and things.

Mike: The gentleman caller, Jim O’Connor, was played by Kyle Tusing. He did a good job with the role in that it definitely felt that awkwardness of a first date. Then later when he and Laura had a nice touching scene (I’m not going to give anything away) together he did a good job with having some shock and some fear of what would happen if the relationship were to continue.

Mike: Port Tobacco has done it again with their set. This was a merry go round type set. The set designer was John Reckeweg. The apartment that the action takes place in was set on a merry go round. It actually spun in place on stage. There was a dock on the front which served as a porch and as the fire escape from the apartment. There were also windows set along the outer edge of the merry go round that would rise up into the ceiling. It was very effective. At one point I was listening to the music play as it would spin around. I realized I could hear a lot of creaking and groaning coming from the merry go round. It really underscored to me that the whole Wingfield family was creaking and groaning and living in the past. It was a really cool visualization of the play itself. I’ll give Port Tobacco a lot of credit for that very unique set design.

Mike: The entire show was about two hours and forty minutes long. Be aware there are some smoking and adult situations in this show. I would encourage you to go see this show, it is not frequently performed. It is a difficult piece just because there is so much symbolism throughout. The colors that are used, the glass menagerie, the fragility of life. I think you will enjoy this if you go see it at Port Tobacco.

Laura: The Glass Menagerie is playing through May 20. Friday and Saturdays at 8 PM and Sunday matinees at 3 PM at the Port Tobacco Playhouse in La Plata, Maryland.

Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • Tom Wingfield: David Timmerman
  • Amanda Wingfield: Lisa Kay Morton
  • Laura Wingfield: Jodie Mueller
  • Jim O’Connor: Kyle Tusing


  • Producer: Terry Smith
  • Director: Randy Tusing
  • Sheila Hyman: Mask Sculptor
  • John Merritt: Co-Master Carpenter
  • Ralph Crongeyer: Sound Board Operator
  • David Standish: Poster/Program Designer
  • Mitch Morton: Composer
  • Rebecca Hamilton: stage Crew
  • Carson Painter: Stage Crew
  • Tyler Painter: Stage Crew
  • Jose Ray: Stage Crew
  • Paige Steffens: Follow Spot Operator
  • Brandie Painter: Makeup Crew
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