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McLean Community Players Little Shop of Horrors

By • May 6th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of McLean Community Players’ Little Shop of Horrors [MP3 5:29 1.6MB].

Laura: And this evening we saw McLean Community Players and their production of Little Shop of Horrors in McLean, Virginia.

Mike: Little Shop of Horrors is a musical based on the film by Roger Corman, with screenplay by Charles Griffith. The book and the lyrics are by Howard Ashman with music by Alan Menken. It is the story of a carnivorous plant that ends up on skid row. Seymour, a florist, discovers the plant and tries to nurse it back to health accidentally discovering that when he pricks his finger the plant does much better. One thing leads to another and then eventually there are horrors galore.

Laura: This show was a lot of fun. The cast did a really good job. The singing and dancing was well done and I think it was a really fun show. The one downer was some of the technical aspects of the show were a little rough tonight, but overall I enjoyed it very much.

Mike: This was a very enjoyable show. It was very upbeat. The audience had a great time. There was lots of laughter. Audrey II was the star of the show, kind of stole some of the scenes. But that’s what you get when you get a carnivorous plant larger than life. Like Laura said, some of the technical aspects had problems tonight. We talked with the producer after the show and she said last night was fine. Tonight something got off, it was a full moon or something. I think you’ll enjoy the show when you go see it.

Laura: Audrey, one of the floral shop employees, was played by Tara Leigh Moore. She she did a very good job. When the show opened she was dating a masochistic boyfriend who was not treating her very nicely at all. I liked the song that she did in the middle of the first act “Somewhere That’s Green.” She was singing about wanting to move away where everything is nice and peaceful and everybody is happy and gets along with each other. I really enjoyed that song. She was very comfortable with Seymour. Their duets together seemed very real, very natural and I think she did a good job.

Mike: The other employee of the floral shop was Seymour, played by Mark Hamberger. I liked all of his work in the show very much. The song I liked was”Mushnick and Son.” It was a number Seymour did with Mushnick (played by Lanny Slusher) about their future plans together as father and son. They had a nice dance number, the two of them worked together really well.

Laura: The three DooWop Girls also did a terrific job. They were Janelle Delaney, Christina Sanchez, and Alexa Yarboro. They had a lot of costumes to throw on. They reminded me of the girl groups from the 50’s and 60’s. They would come on wearing a heavy coat and then go off and the next time you would see them in one of their night club outfits. They had a lot of good emotions, a lot of energy, a lot of pizzaz about them. I enjoyed those songs.

Mike: Audrey II had two people for her part. Audrey II’s voice was played by Patrick M. Doneghy and the puppeteer was Todd Paul. I think they worked together very well. Audrey II’s mouth was pretty much in sync with the lines. They were maybe off by a little bit, but it wasn’t enough to be really distracting.

Laura: The set for Little Shop of Horrors I thought was quite creative. The set designer was Dick La Porte. You had a screen that came down in the middle that represented the outside of the floral shop. All of the actors and actresses did a pretty good job of going outside and doing a number in front of the shop and then going back through the door to go back inside. For the most part they kept those two areas separate. The screen would go up and you would have the inside of the shop where the Audrey II lived. I thought it was really colorful. Sometimes the lighting cues were a little bit late in the opening of the scene.

Mike: The largest problem in tonight’s show was the sound problems. The microphones would cut in and out. At one point there was a dance happening. As the one dancer circled around his partner, his microphone unhooked from his costume. As he spun back around it detached from his costume entirely and shot across the stage. The other sound problems were you couldn’t hear Audrey and Seymour in a few scenes. You were just hearing their voice from across the stage. It definitely got swallowed up. Because of the way the Alden Theatre is set, the main section of the stage is really far back from the audience. Hopefully that will get straightened out. Leah Aspell, the producer, did tell us on opening night everything was fine. Tonight was just one of those weird things. All of the cast covered really well. They didn’t get flustered and stayed focused.

Laura: Little Shop of Horrors is playing through May 19th. Friday and Saturdays at 8 PM and Sunday matinees at 2 PM.

Mike: Be aware that there are adult situations and adult language used in this show. The show is just over two hours long with one intermission.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Audrey II/Wino: Patrick M. Doneghy
  • Puppeteer: Todd Paul
  • Audrey: Tara Leigh Moore
  • Mushnik: Lanny Slusher
  • Seymour: Mark Hamberger
  • Chorus: Traci Brooks, Jordan Garegnami, Christopher Lindstrom, Shannon Montague, Marissa Quintos, Emily Webbe, George Willis
  • Orin: Randall Jones
  • Doo Wop Girls: Janelle Delaney, Christina Sanchez, Alexa Yarboro
  • Wino/Audrey II (May 12): Dave Moretti
  • Mrs. Luce: Nellie Pearl


  • Director: Hans Bachman
  • Producer: Leah Aspell
  • Music Director: Jocelyn Jackson
  • Assistant Music director: Roy Leatherby
  • Choreographer: Stefan Sittig
  • Stage Manager: Douglas F. Yriart
  • Technical director: George Farnsworth
  • Set Designer: Dick La Porte
  • Lighting Design: Les Zidel
  • Sound Design: David Zic
  • Publicity: Jennifer Spitulnick-Strook
  • Production Assistant: Lauren-Nicole Gabel
  • Costume Designer: Richard Battistelli
  • Hair Design/Stylist: Anna-Michelle Jackson
  • Props: Summer Donaldson
  • Set Construction and Painting: Cathy & George Farnsworth, Bill Glikbarg, Dick La Porte, Herb Rothenberg, Mike Scott, Jeff Shue, Terry Yates, Bob Zeigler
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